Need some help from my Houla Friends


Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 9:55am PST 
My little brother William (human) is having a VERY hard time starting preschool. He worries about me a lot. Do any of you know where my mommy might find a stuffed Houla look-a-like toy that he could take to school? We look so different, and she can't find anything that even comes close. If any of you have found or heard of a place that sells stuffed Houla's PLEASE share with me. My little brother heard a dog barking at school today and he said,"My NEE NEE needs me".........and started to cry. My mommy is trying to help make his transistion from staying home all of the time to going to school as smooth as possible..................Help please if you can!!!! Thanks Houla-hoo to you all.