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Did someone say- chicken?
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 10:25am PST 

Welcome to the Woof and Arf Arcade! All dogs love to play games... so let's play!

Every week, there will be a new game posted here. So come often and play along!

Collect enough points to receive prizes!



1 Post = 5 points



300 Points: 1 Rossette

750 Points: 1 Star

1000 Points: A Custom Picture

1500 Points: A gift for your gift box!

Please keep track of your postings to claim your prize!

snoopy GAME OF THE WEEK snoopy


Let's go through breeds, from A-Z!

I'll start off for you pups!


big grin

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♥ Nebraska Pack

Big Gun Pack
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 11:28am PST 
Absolutely!!! Each and every time we get a bath we head out to roll in the dirt!!!

SAMSON - aka - Sir Barks-A-Lot!
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 11:46am PST 
No! Mommy won't let me outside unsupervised after a bath laugh out loud


Ms. Cool
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 11:54am PST 
I get tied in the house after my bath!

Did someone say- chicken?
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 3:18am PST 
Nice! 5 points to you guys! applauseapplauseapplause

Feel free to ask another HAVE YOU EVER question everytime you post!

Have you ever torn up your pawrent's favorite shoes?
Queen- Peaches of- Pupingham

I am honored
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 5:14am PST 
No, but I like to carry them around, and shake them, and make Mom chase me to get it back..bolsnoopysnoopy..

Have you ever hid a treat in the middle of Moms bed??

SAMSON - aka - Sir Barks-A-Lot!
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 5:42am PST 
No, but I hide all around the House!

Have you ever ran away?
♥Mayb- elle♥

~~~It's all- about me!~~~
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 8:03am PST 
Well, once I got out the front door, but I got caught, and brought homesmile Mommy never let's me near the front door alone anymore.

Have you ever SO muddy that you're dripping with mud, and Mommy doesn't know what to do with you?

(That happened to me! I got a huge bath, and mommy had just turned arounf fur a sec, and I was all muddy!!haha...)
Bobby (2000- -2008)

I can always be- more in the way!
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 12:26am PST 
I have never been muddy, becuase I am usually dragged away from mud BOL! But I do collect lots of sticky blue flowers on my paws which I bring into the house.

Have you ever jumped on the bed when no one was home?

I was- BORN To- RUN
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 5:45am PST 
That's where I always sleep when they are gone Bobby...after all you can't se out the window if you are on the floor.big laugh

Have you ever lost any of your toys?
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