Petie, our neighbor's yellow lab....


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has been abandoned (sorta), and we don't know what to do! We (& he) need help!

We are posting here because we value your opinions, and know we will get objective, honest views. Sorry this is so long, but we don't know how else to explain without providing all the details.

In a nutshell?, our neighbor's moved about 2 months ago, and left their yellow lab, Petie, on a chain in their back yard!! The woman's parents live next door, and they took it upon themselves to leave Petie in their care. Well, the parents have no time to care for a dog, and they do not want (nor are happy about) Petie being chained to a tree on property they own, or anywhere for that matter. All they are able to do is feed & water him.

In the two months they've been gone, they have come back & let him off the chain maybe twice. Mom has let him off twice herself, but is leary due to the law.

This couple has just recently adopted two more children (one yet unborn), in addition to their sister adopted last year. They moved to another town, about 30 miles away, for their jobs & so their house could pass the adoption process (they had moved a few months ago, to a bigger home so they could adopt the first child).

They were only going to leave Petie until they could get a "kennel" (probably one of those tiny chain link jobs) but it's been at least two months now.

Long story, but we've known this family for a long time, and know that they are the type that can never afford anything (unless it's a four wheeler, new Ford F250 truck, motorcycle, get the idea).

He is a fireman and she is a nurse, so def not rich by any means, but we feel if they can afford the many luxury items they have, they can afford a SUITABLE shelter for Petie!

Our dilemma: We live in a town pop. 800 -. We barely (& only recently) have a part-time cop in town. We have no animal control to speak of. We would need to call the sheriff about Petie (& the deputy that would come out has a father, our OTHER neighbor, who has a pit chained out back!), in turn they would contact the county animal shelter (high-kill & 25 miles away) & you know where this story is going.....

We REALLY want to let Petie off his chain (like we have many times, to play & get exercise & some love), let him climb in our truck, and take him to a good, loving, safe home at our Uncle's house in the country where he could live out his days like it was meant to be! However, we DON'T want to break the law NOR take any chance that the parents (landowners) would get upset & sue us or have us arrested, etc....

We are just sick over this, and do not know what to do. This town also seems to be the place picked to dump your unwanted pets, as we have rescued many. Just the other day, our Dad saved a pit puppy from choking because she had a chained wrapped so tightly around her neck she was bleeding!! God only knows what the fetch the people are thinking! Sorry for the French, but this really upsets us!

We refuse to look the other way and do nothing, but are stuck between a rock & a hard place.

Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you!

hug , Annabelle, Rex & Mom Cheryl

P.S. Just to give you an even clearer picture of this situation, in the 11 years since Mom has known these people, they have "gone through" at least FIVE dogs! cryred faceshrug

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