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Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 10:06pm PST 

My name is Bear and I am a Golden Retriever & Chow Mix.

I am 2 yrs old, neutered and up to date with all my shots.

I am 50 lbs, love people of all ages.

I am AWESOME with kids and I get along with other dogs but I do NOT like cats.

I am a cool dog, housebroken, very sweet, loyal, gentle and energetic. I listen well to my humans and know how to sit. I love to sleep in the house at night.

I am SUPER fast and would be great at agility, or perhaps as a running companion.

I LOVE to fetch a ball, shake your hand and high five!

A fenced in yard is required so I can play and get my exercise.

I hope to have a loving home with children and an active family.

Adoption Fee: $ 200.00

Email if you are interested:
Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Sat Oct 6, '07 1:37am PST 
Dear Animal Lovers,
I desperately need your help.

A good friend and rescuer is now down in New Orleans and her group found

Lady a wonderful sweet pit who wants to come to Seattle to find her forever home.

What makes Lady's rescue so important is the fact that she is injured with a broken leg and missing one eye.

Does anyone have a heart to FOSTER her while we all work together

to fundraise to help pay for her much needed surgery.

If we get a foster, they will fly Lady out on Monday or Tuesday!!!

Please email me at

“Hi Ginger,

I am in New Orleans with a group of rescuers and we have found a sweet pit in the St. Bernard shelter. Her name is Lady. She is standing on a broken leg and also is missing an eye and no medical. She is going to be put down and I want to save her. Can you help me???? Can you reach out to your network and see if we can find her a foster home and medical care - I aam sending pics. They are heartbreaking. I know if anyone can help - it is you & your rescue team !!!

Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Thu Nov 22, '07 4:13pm PST 
Beautiful dog stolen! Let's help her family get her back home!

"Stolen Golden Retriever"

$ 3,000. Cash Reward

This is two Year old Golden Retriever named Penny"

Penny was picked up on Tuesday -
November 13, 2007 in the Kirkland Highlands area.
on N.E. 95th Street by a tattooed man in his mid 20's driving a blue car.

The car was an older model ~ a Toyota or Honda.

If you have any information please call Ann at 425-770-1205

What a gorgeous dog !

Please circulate this wide and far and email this to everyone you know.

"For Thanksgiving, let's bring Penny back home to her family please!"

The owners are desperate to find her!

You may also email me at

Thanks, Ginger

Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '07 1:56pm PST 
snoopycheer snoopy cheer snoopy cheer snoopy cheer snoopy cheer
Here is some wunnerful news from Ginger at Ginger's Pet Rescue! More pawesome people and more Power of the Paw!!! dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog


Hi Animal Lovers,

Good news!!! ~ Penny the Golden Retriever has been found and returned to Ann
yesterday on Thanksgiving Day. Ann wants to Thank all of you for your prayers and help.
The person who found this dog did not accept the $ 3000. reward!

****************************************************************** ****************************************
COCO the lost German Shorthaired as been found and returned to her owner!
They also want to Thank you for your help.

****************************************************************** *****************************************
Joan, the owner of the mother of 10 puppies that died in a car accident has found someone to take care and nurse her 10 puppies. They are all doing very well thanks to your help. Joan got so many phone calls and emails of help that she was not able to get back with all of you. She wants to let you know that your help is deeply appreciated.

****************************************************************** ****************************************

Bogie the Labrador Retriever and Hound Mix has been saved at the 11th hour and
is now in foster care. We are always looking for new fosters so if you have a heart
please email me for an application. Let everyone know about our Foster Program
as it is extremely rewarding. Ginger's Pet Rescue pays for all vet bills ~ what is required of you is to love, feed and work with the dog and help make him adoptable.
Did you know that one foster home can help save over 40 dogs a year out of Death Row?
If you are interested or know someone who is please email me:

****************************************************************** *****************************************
We have decided to take collection all year round on all your
DVD's, CD's, VHS & Video Games !!!
Steve has offered to buy them & the proceeds is donated to Ginger's Pet Rescue.
What a great way to turn your unwanted items into treasures for the dogs in need.
You can email me for pick up if its over 50 items or drop them off to the
Rickshaw Restaurant at 322 North 105th & Greenwood.

****************************************************************** ***************************************
I desperately need your help !!!

I have a dog that needs a new foster home.
The foster mom has a cat and Tech can not be around cats.
Can anyone help please?

My name is Tech and I am an 18 month old dogs. I am 80 lbs and I love people of all over 6 yrs old is best. I get along well with other dogs but NO cats please!!! I have a warm personality, I love to chase my own shadow for hours in the back yard. I love running around exuberantly and doggy parks would be a plus for me. I need a high fence as I am a great jumper. I am friendly, goofy, affectionate and I also seek approval from you. Another dog in the family would be so important for me so I am never left alone. I need to have someone who is physically active on a daily basis so I can use up my energy and relax the rest of the day.

****************************************************************** ****************************************
I have some small dogs needing foster or forever homes.
They are under 15 lbs, adorable and saved out of a high kill shelter in California~
where 50 of these dogs are put down every other day !!!
Some are also saved out of a puppy mills.
They require a lot of love, care, patience and housebreaking.
If you are interested please send me an email for application.

****************************************************************** ***************************************

Please leave your small dogs at home. Please supervise them in your own backyard.

There is a group going around looking to "Steal Your Dog!" for profit.
I have gotten about 6 emails this month of dogs that have gotten stolen out of cars while they are shopping or out of their own back yards. They know how to unlock your car door in 10 seconds and take your dog.

****************************************************************** *****************************************
* The owners of this Cavalier Service Dog is still missing their dog.

Please respond if you know anything about this dog.
Write: or Phone 425-422-9258

$1,000.00 Reward.
Missing/Stolen Cavalier Service Dog.

****************************************************************** ****************************
Last of all, I want to Thank You all so much for your love, support and care for all these animals and being a huge part of this very important network.

If there is any suggestions, ideas, new contacts for rescue dog breeds please send me an email. I am always happy to hear from all of you!

Thanks, Ginger
Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Wed Dec 26, '07 10:19pm PST 
Here is a Christmas greeting that Mommy got from Ginger at Ginger's Pet Rescue. She's such a wunnerful lady and she does sooo much to help homeless furbabies. We love Ginger alot. She's the one who put up a $500 reward fur my safe return when I was stolen last Spring. Just over a week later is when Mommy got the phone call telling her where I was! shrug thinking wink
Here are some kind words from Ginger...

* Seasons Greetings to all my Friends and Family,

Hope this letter finds you all happy and healthy and busy !!!

I want you all to know how much I value each and everyone of your friendship throughout my lifetime.
I have learned with time that nothing is ever taken for granted and each of you
have made such an important impact in my life!

Rickshaw just celebrated her 31th anniversary this past summer.
I am still enjoying the restaurant business, the crazy hours, the customers
and all the loyal employees that work endlessly so
I can have more time to get involved with all my animal rescue projects.

Ginger's Pet Rescue has been the most amazing experience I have ever known.
We specialize in saving "Death Row Dogs" and we work with 8 different shetlers in
Washington State, one in California and one in Taiwan, Taipei.

We are a non profit 501 C3 organization & our wonderful team has been able to help
save over 586 dogs out of Death Row in the last 22 months since we started.

If you should ever decide to adopt a dog, cat, horse, bird or rabbit
please let me know and I will find one for you !!!
If you know anyone who would like to help foster please contact me !!!

You can read all about how we got started on our website:

Our son, Jason Ryan just turned 27 last month.
He was working as a waiter & manager at the popular Ram Restaurant at the
University Village for the past five years and just recently started working
for Ivar's Acres of Clams down at the waterfront.

Jakob and I will be celebrating our 14th anniversary on December 28th.
He is forever helping me with my "To Do List!"
What a great guy he has been for me!

Next month, we are traveling to Germany. Jakob is from Germany
& we are going to his mom's 80th birthday party.

This past year we have become distributors for
a wonderful health product called Himalyian Goji that has saved my life !
We are planning to launch Goji in Germany this coming spring of 2008.
If you are looking for more energy, have aches & pains, headachaces, etc ~
Goji is the product for you to try.

* Please check out my website at and I am
happy to tell you all about it and what it has done for me
and what it can do for you and your pets as well.

My entire family is doing very well.
As you all know that my mom passed away last year and we all surely miss her but
also know that she is happy in heaven with our dad.

Both sister Patti and her husband is retired from teaching after 30 years,
Sister Colleen and her husband enjoy traveling with their three teenage kids,
Brother Terry and his wife Glenna are traveling & working & have two teenage kids.

We all have a total of 18 wonderful dogs and cats!

Last of all I certainly would like to hear from each and every one of you.
Please send me your latest family photos of your kids, pets and etc!

I want to wish you all a very "Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year of 2008!" :

Please take a moment and enjoy our Christmas Card to you:

Take care & stay in touch ~

* With love from Ginger & Jakob & all our animals ~

* Runner, Jetsy, Annie, Yula & Maxwell !
♥The- Tater Tots!

Barked: Sat Jan 5, '08 10:35pm PST 
This is an article that Deanna Raeke, Jezzie's and Bruti's mommy, included in her For the Love of the Dog newsletter.
It really touched our hearts and we want to help spread the woof to remember the Shelter furbabies and if you are looking fur a new furfriend in your life, please adopt a homeless kitty or pup. It will be one of, if not the most important things that you have done, or ever will do, in both of your lives!
Here it is:

Interview from an Animal Shelter
As a journalist, I decided to go to the animal, and interview some of the "inmates". I wanted to know what it was like in there from their perspective. What follows is not for the faint of heart.

I entered the building, and one of the workers accompanied me to the holding area. This is where dogs are kept before they are allowed up for adoption. IF they are allowed up for adoption. If the dogs are found to be aggressive in any way, euthanasia is employed. Fortunately, if "fortunately" is the word to be used here. In this establishment, and they use lethal injection, not a gas chamber.

The shelter worker led me past a big steel door that says "Employees Only". "What is in there?" I asked. From the look he gave me, I knew that this is where dogs go in, and never return.

We moved on to a row of kennels. The dogs were barking loudly, there was the acrid smell of urine and feces, and a feeling of despair seemed to permeate the room.

"Go ahead," the worker said. "They're all yours."


I looked into the first kennel, and saw only the back of a medium sized dog who was curled up in the corner of his kennel, shivering. He was mostly white, with some black spots.

"Hello?" I said. "May I come in?" He lifted his head, as though it weighed more than he could bear. When he looked at me, I could see he was a Pitbull. His eyes were gentle, but filled with grief.

"Enter," was all he said.

I stepped in, closing the gate behind me. He put his head back down, facing away from me. I crouched down a few feet away.

"My name is Pete. Petey my Master called me," he said, still not looking at me.

"Why are you here Pete?" I asked.

"I am here because Master cannot afford to move. I am here because someone with power said I am vicious, and a killer. Someone who never met me. Master took me for a walk one day, and some lady started to scream when she saw me. I got frightened, and barked at her. The dog police came, and they took me away. I have been with Master for 10 years. The last time I saw him, he just held me and cried. He kept telling me he was sorry. I worry for him. Whatever will he do without me?" Pete shivered even more.
A tear slid down my face. I am supposed to remain objective, but this was wrong. So wrong.

"Thank you Pete." I said. He said nothing as I got up and left his kennel.


The kennel next to Pete's held a very young looking dog. Pure Border Collie by my guess. He stood on his hind legs, looking at me through the gate.

"Hello. My name's Popper. He tilted his head. "Are you here to take me home?"

"No, I'm sorry," I replied. "But I would like to talk with you."

"Sure. What would you like to talk about?"

"Popper, how did you come to be in this place?" I asked.

Popper dropped down from the gate, with a perplexed look on his face. He walked to the back of the kennel, then back to the front. I noticed he had one blue eye, and one brown. He was quite beautiful. His black and white coat was shiny and thick.

"I am not certain WHY I am here. I think maybe my family will come back for me. They bought me when I was only 6 weeks old. I remember they said how smart Border Collies are, and how it would be so easy to train me. They were very excited at first. The little ones played with me all the time. But the trouble with little Masters is, they refuse to stay in a group. I constantly had to nip their heels to keep them together." He looked confused. "Why won't they stay in a group?" he sighed. "So I did what I thought I should do. I am not quite sure why the little ones screamed when I did my job, but they did, and the Masters got very angry at me. They also got angry when I had to relieve myself, and did so in the house. I am not sure where they expected me to go. All they said was that I was the smartest breed in the world, and I should just KNOW better. Then they left me in the yard for a month or so. I got bored a lot, and I dug holes in the grass. The next thing I knew, the Masters brought me here."

Popper jumped back up on the gate, his white paws protruding through the links. He looked at me with his lovely eyes, and asked "Will you please let them know I want to come home? Please tell them I promise I will be good?"

"I will Popper," I said.


My heart was breaking. I was beginning to regret coming here, but their stories had to be told. I moved along. The next dog I saw looked to be easily 100 lbs., a Rottweiler . He was handsome indeed, except for the scars on his face and back. He tilted his head, and looked me right in the eyes.

"Hello. Who are you?" he asked.

"I am a reporter," I replied. "May I speak with you for a little while?"

"Most certainly. My name is Spartan. You ca n come in, I won't bite," he said.

"Thank you Spartan. I will."

I entered his kennel, reached out and stroked his giant head. He made a loud grumbling noise, and closed his eyes.

"Spartan, why are you here?"

Before he could answer my question, he was suddenly in the grip of a nasty coughing spasm. It sounded painful.

"Please excuse me," he said when it passed. "Kennel cough. It seems all of us who come in here get it. "Why am I here? Well, about two years ago, I was born in the backyard of some person I can't even recall. I had 11 brothers and sisters. I recall a day when a big man came and gave that person some money, and took me away from my mother. They had to chain her up, as she was very angry that he took me. They chained her and beat her. I came to know the man by the name of Jim. I overheard him telling his friends that I would grow up to be big and mean like my mother. But as I grew older, all I wanted to do was play and be friends wit h everyone. Jim said I needed to be taught how to be mean, so he chained me up in the yard. No more house for me, he said, I was too spoiled.

When people came by to visit, I was so happy to see them. I wanted them to come and play. But that made Jim angry, so he beat me with sticks and chains. When he came near, I would roll onto my back so he would know I wasn't a bad dog. That made him beat me more." Spartan's eyes clouded with grief. "Then he brought me here."

I reached out and stroked Spartan's massive gentle head once more. "I am so sorry Spartan. Some people are just plain evil." I gave him a kiss and left his kennel.

As I walked away, Spartan called out, "What will happen to me, nice lady?"

I shook my head. "I can't say Spartan. Maybe someone kind will come and get you. We can only hope."


I walked a little further down. I could see a shape moving at the back of the next kennel. "Hello?" I called out. Suddenly the shape lunged at the gate in a fury, barking and gnashing its teeth. I stumbled backwards, and crashed into an adjacent kennel. The other dogs began barking loudly and jumping at their gates.

"Don't go near her," a small female voice came from behind me. "She's mad."

I gathered myself back together, and saw a little Jack Russell Terrier behind me.

"Thanks for the warning," I was still trembling. Across the way, the other dog, apparently a Husky and German Shepherd cross, was glaring at me, lips curled back revealing brown stained teeth. Her ribs and hips showed through her dull, matted grey coat. The little dog invited me into her kennel, and I gladly went in.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Patsy." The little brown and white dog held a paw up to the gate in greeting.

"My owner surrendered me. She said she wanted a cute little dog like the one on the TV show, Frasier. She didn't bother to look into the type of dog I am." Patsy heaved a sigh.

"I suppose she expected me to just lie about and only need a short walk each day, just like Eddie , but my energy was so high that I needed to run and play." She glanced at her surroundings. "Now I am here. I suppose it could be worse. I could be like.her." Patsy looked towards the still growling dog across the way.

"What happened to make her so vicious?" I asked.

"From what we could gather," she replied. "she was found tied in a back yard. She only had a three foot chain. Some days there was no water. Rarely was there any food. One day a nice neighbor came by and brought her some meat. By then it was too late. She was already mad. She broke off her chain, and bit the poor man badly. We know she will be going behind the steel door. I am sad to say, I think it will be best. Perhaps then she will know some peace."

Just then, the door at the end of the building opened, and a woman stepped inside. All the dogs began to bark wildly, then one by one, they went quiet.

I whispered to Patsy, "Who is that? Why have all the dogs gone quiet?"

Patsy breathed deeply through her little nose, and closed her eyes. "SHE is a Rescuer. Can't you smell it?" she asked.

"Smell what?" I was confused.

"Compassion. Love. Sorrow. It emanates from her pores. She is here for one of us, but nobody knows who just yet." Patsy looked hopeful.

The Rescuer moved from kennel to kennel, looking at each dog. I sat quietly watching. I could see tears in her eyes as she made eye contact with each one. She stopped at Spartan's cage and spoke quietly to him.

"No more beatings my man. No more. You are coming with me. From here on in, it's all going to get better."

The Rescuer produced a leash, opened the kennel door, and took Spartan away. As he walked beside her, his little stubby tail wagged with delight.

Patsy sighed again. I could see the disappointment in her eyes, and it grieved me. They all had the same look, as they watched The Rescuer depart.

"I am so sorry Patsy," I said in a whisper. "But you are a little dog, and everyone loves little dogs. I am convinced you will be rescued soon." Patsy's brown eyes twinkled at me, a little bit of hope returning.

I had heard and seen enough. I needed to tell people how it was for these unfortunate creatures. They were all here through no fault of their own. I stood to leave. I passed by many other dogs I did not interview, looking at each one, wishing I could take them all home with me and give them the love they deserved. I stood by the door taking one last glance back, when it opened, and one of the pound workers came in. His face was drawn and sad. He walked by without a word, and stopped at Pete's kennel. I heard him take a deep breath, then he paused, and opened the kennel door.

The words were muffled, but I am sure I heard him say "I'm sorry old boy."

He came out, with Petey in tow. The old dog's head hung down in resignation, and they both disappeared behind the big steel door.

Deanna's words:
I'm not sure who wrote this or where it originally came from but I have come across it before and no matter how many times I read it, it brings me to tears. If dogs and animals actually could talk, imagine the stories, the heartbreak. There are so many dogs and pets that need homes, desperately waiting in shelters. Hundreds of thousands every year are led behind that 'big steel door.' Do you have room in your heart? Do you have room in your life? Think about saving a life! Adopt from a shelter!!

Thank you, Deanna, fur sharng that story with us. It is so sad to know that there are so many sweet and loving furbabies out in the world who just want a warm, safe home, where they can be loved and well-cared for.
Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 12:34am PST 
$$ REWARD $$

"Reward for the Safe Return of
Our Beloved 16 yr old Doberman Mix Sasha"

Our Sasha wandered off early Sunday Morning on February 3.

She wandered to a grassy spot near the Burke Gilman Trail on
NE & 97th Street and Lakeshore Blvd NE where she was picked up by someone.

She is very thin, has a purple harness and has a large tumor under her belly.

She is deaf, has dementia and she is just recovering from Pneumonia.

She is very thin & has medical issues and needs her medication.

Who ever picked her up might have thought she was abandoned
due to her recent weight loss & her missing ID tags.

She is very much loved and we want her back home with us.

We miss her terribly.

If you find her please call the owner at 206-660-9906
Email Ginger's Pet Rescue at

Poor sweetie. cry She needs our prayers and help to find her way home. I've asked Ginger to email Mommy and tell her exactly what city this dog is missing in. We do know that it is western Washington, pawbably near Sea-Tac area. I'll post again when we find out the city.
XO Teddi Sue hug
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