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Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 7:08am PST 

It is the ultimate compliment to be saved in a pup's or kitty's corral. If you see a pup or kitty you would like to keep as one of your favorites and have in your corral to be able to refer to later, you can go to their page and click on the third button underneath their picture. For Dogsters, the button has a dog on it. For Catsters, the button has a cat on it.

When you go to your account page, you can scroll down and see the pups or kitties in your corral.

You can also see on your page, how many times you have been corralled. To the right of your picture you will see a box with things like Pals and then the number of pals you have. The first one is Corralled and it tells you how many times you have been corralled. If you don't see it on your page, you have not been corralled yet. If you see you have been corralled, you can click on that number and see who has corralled you.

A family of three dogs counts as being corralled once. But you have to corral every pup in a family if you want them all in your corral.

When doing the See the Dogs search on the left column, you will see a stroll for site favorites. The favorites are determined by the number of times you have been corralled.

I love to corral any pup that corrals me and/or Jackson, so if you want to be corralled, just corral us and we will corral you and your pup siblings.

Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 7:15pm PST 

Many pups and kitties have diaries on their page. You can write funny stories, meaningful stories or anything you want about your day or life.

To write a diary entry, click on your My Account tab that is towards the top of the page. On your account page you will see your picture. To the right of your picture is Diary and then [compose new entry] and [edit or delete] entry.

You can click on the Compose New Entry link and write out your diary entry. If you want to change it or delete it you will click on the Edit or Delete link.

It is as easy at that and is lots of fun for you and for other pups and/or kitties to read.
Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 7:51pm PST 
Tagging your photos for a stroll or photo contest

You will find that sometimes we do a photo stroll to support a sick pup or give sympathies to a dear pup who has crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

We also use photo strolls for picture contests. Many groups have contests with particular themes.

To tag your photo for a stroll you will need to go into your My Account page. Next to your picture on your account page is a link to Manage Photos. Click on that and you will come to your photo manager page with all the pictures on your page. You will put your tag next to the picture you want to tag. There is a box for tags next to each picture.

You can also tag when downloading your picture. Underneath the url for the picture you are downloading will be a box for photo keywords or tag. You will put exactly the tag that was given to you to be put in the stroll. You can tag one photo for more than one stroll by putting a comma between each tag.

Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 6:11pm PST 

When you see a dogster or catster you like and you don't have plus or any rosettes to give away, you can leave some bones or treats. When you are on the pet's pages, there is a button underneath their picture to give bones or treats. The second one from the right. You can click on that button and a window will pop up that says Give a Treat. There is a red link on that page. Click on it and hold down. While holding down continuously hit the F5 key on your keyboard and you can give multiple treats or bones to the pup or kitty without hitting the treat button over and over again under the picture. You can then refresh the page to see how many bones or treats were left on the page. They show up in the blue box to the right of the pet's picture where all the pet's stats are.
Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 11:22am PST 

If you look at your MY ACCOUNT page, you will see no. 3 which is your account preferences.

Click on that link and take a look. There are some options there on what to show on your page and for Instant Messaging preferences.

Here are the categories you can change.

1. IM Visibility [Check/Change your default status] [Set yourself to INVISIBLE for this visit] This is used to make yourself invisible if you don't want another pup or kitty to IM you. You can make yourself invisible for this visit to dogster or catster or you can make yourself invisible every time you are logged in.

2. Who Can IM You Currently set to: JUST MY SITE FRIENDS [Change this setting] Here you can choose only pup pals that are listed as pals on your page to be able to IM you or you can mark it so any pup can IM you.

3. Dogster Private Messaging [ Turn messaging off ] [ Turn email notify on ] Here you can set it so no pup can send messages to your p-mail box and you can't send any either. I highly recommend that you do not check that box and leave your messaging on. The e-mail notification will send a notification to your e-mail account when you receive a dogster/catster p-mail

4. Pup Pal Contact preferences[Modify now] - (Currently accepting all requests.) Here you can choose to receive all pup pal requests which I highly recommend. You can also choose to only receive requests from pups knowing your e-mail address or not to accept any at all. Booo!

5. Gimme Some Paw preferences[Modify now] You see some Paw Ratings on some pup's pages. When you click on here you can choose the option you want. There are several. Voting for this is random so some pups have low ratings that don't deserve them because they had a pup with a bad day giving them a bad rating or their page did not have much on it when they were rated. You cannot vote for whatever pup you want, you can only go through the Gimme Some Paw stroll which is found under See the Dogs! and rate them randomly.

6. Photo sharing preferences[Modify now] Here you can put some extra security on your pics to make it harder for pups to steal them. I prefer not to since some pups make cool pictures for me and they need to be able to save a copy.

7. Pet Page forums and groups display preferences[Modify now] Here you can modify if your groups show up on your page or the last forum you posted in. Some pups take their groups off because they have so many. I took the forum off because I thought it just took up room on my page.

8. Newsletter and email preferences[Modify now] Here you can mark whether you want to receive the Dogster or Catster newsletter. It is cool and last to times we received it we got 5 free zealies just for opening it. You can also mark whether Dogster can e-mail you.
Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 1:15pm PST 
little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

To search for photo tags which are commonly used in contests, click on the More Search Options, next to the blank search boxes towards the top of the screen. The drop down box will appear.

There is Find Adoptable Dogs search, Find a Member Dog search and the Search Photo Tags and Search Video Tags.

There is a blank box that will appear once you click on the Search photo tags. Put the tag for the stroll or contest in the box and hit search and all the photos entered with that tag will appear.

If you want to post that stroll somewhere, just copy the url and post that.
Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Wed Sep 9, '09 8:43pm PST 
You joined a group and would like your fursibs to be members too. Or if you want to leave a group.

Look at the group page and scroll down to the links just under the Group Administrator pictures.

There is a link there to add/remove members.

There you can add your fursibs to the group.

You can also delete yourself from a group with that link.
Georgie, CGC

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Barked: Wed Sep 9, '09 8:54pm PST 
Arranging your Pictures!!

With a Dogster Plus Account you can have 100 pictures added to your Plus Photobook.

To make changes, go to your My Account page. Then find your picture and click on the link that says Manage Photos to the right of your picture.

You will see a link where you can download pictures that are on your computer. There will also be boxes for tags and the caption that you put under your picture.

On this page the pictures are also numbered. You can change the number of an picture. Then hit submit. It will put that picture as that number on your page and rearrange the other pictures.

You will see to the right of the picture where you can ad or change a caption. Also a box for tags, which is good for contest and strolls for furs that are used to show support.

There is also a drop down box for a frame you can put around the picture if you wish.

And there is a link you can use to remove a picture from your photobucket.

You would think the 100 pictures would be enough but I find myself having to delete a picture when wanting to add one. BOL
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