Newbies to Modern Dog!

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Mommys- Girl
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:02pm PST 
Hello Newbies!
Please use this thread to tell Modern Dog a little bit about yourself. Maybe your favourite colour and your fav thing to do! Or please say what you want us to do! We want ot mae your playime here as fun as can be!

(Dog Owners)All of the Forums in Modern Dog are not real...they are out in cyberspace....but we like them to be real!So you wouldnt have to pay for anything etc... (Dog Owners)

Please write in the forums!!!!!!

Love the Modern Dog President,

WoOf- WOoF
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:07pm PST 
Hi..I am Digger! I have been here since it started! My lil sister Maddison came up with the group! I remember when we only have 10 dogs in the group! Now we are a growing at Modern Dog!

I wanted to give all of you newbies a tip:

TIP- We sometimes call Modern Dog --- MD for short form!

Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:31pm PST 
Hi my name is Esperanza. I am a 10 month old Bichonpoo (1/2 Bichon Frise & 1/2 Toy Poodle). I am not real new to Modern Dog but relatively so. I will be 1 year old on July 21 and mommy is planning a big BBQ and party with all our family and friends.
I was born to a breeder in Queens NY my pup dad was a black toy poodle, my mom being a Bichon Frise was all white. My human mommy came and got me when I was 12 weeks old. I bonded with my mom right away. I don't want to leave her side. I have severe seperation anxiety. Mommy has multiple sclerosis and cannot work so she is home with me most of the time and takes me almost everywhere with her. When I must stay home, I cry and whine and have a full blown temper tantrum.
I love my Dingo Bones, long walks and meeting people and pups. I am very socialble. I love everyone. I am a very happy doggie. I am also (according to mom) a very smart dog. I graduated from puppy kindergarten and will soon take more obedience classes. When I am older mom hopes to have me trained as a therapy dog.
I love Dogster. I am addicted you might say. I belong to a lot of groups and Modern Dog is one of my favorites. I love entering contests and answering questions in the forums. I hope that Modern Dog will have a lot more contests. I was recently selected as Princess Diva for the Week in the Princess Divas and Prince Charmings Group. I love receiving rosettes and stars so please stop by my page and leave one if you can.
I have made some really good friends on Dogster among them Madison and Jo Jo they are really pawsome pups. I love to make new pals and look forward to meeting more Dogster Pups and members of Modern Dog.

Maximus- 9/9/2006-5/1- 9/2016

Take it to the- Max
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:48pm PST 
Hi we are new to MD but not Dogster. We are members of several different groups, da Pug side of da family is very active, da Airedale groups don't have a lot going on. I guess us Airedales are too laid back. We are in Eastern Washington State and love it here. We hope to adopt another Pug sister soon, she has been abused by her previous people and is undergoing treatments now and she is going blind. We like to go boating and play ball in our yard. Check out some of our video's on our pages.
Later, Max, Tug, and Captain Jack
o.O~Jordan- V. Kong~O.o

I'm- Spoiled!!
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:58pm PST 
Hi I'm Jordan V. Kong, or just call me JOJO. I've been in Modern Dog for like furever haha just kidding...but seems like a while. I remember i was the first pup to receive a Rosetter from our President, Meddison, for doing a good job invited my friends to this group.

Now i'm one of MD admins, i'm the youngest one hee laugh out loudlaugh out loud and i'd luv to help all of our members, anything i can, i will.

If you are newbies you probabely don't kno what do in this group but let me tell you that this group is a FUN one! You guys can check out the links on our group page to see what we have. Those links will take you to our MD tailquarter, Hospital, Shops, 911, Games and many more.

I'm looking forward to see more and more pups in this group.

o.O~Jordan- V. Kong~O.o

I'm- Spoiled!!
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 4:59pm PST 
By the way, thanks Esperanza for always mentioning my name as your good pal and sweetie you're a very adorable one. cheercheer

Mommys- Girl
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 5:12pm PST 
Dolly Parton

Do you're ears- hang low?
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '07 11:50am PST 
I am not new but my tip is always take part in the contests! They are so much fun and the admins always look for different things! you never know!cheerWelcome to all newbies!
Minster Jr.

Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 3:09pm PST 
Iam new and I like to say hi and i already have been having fun.

Mommys- Girl
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 3:20pm PST 
I am super glad that you are having fun!
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