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puppy Support the Federal Pet Safety and Protection ActKeep Pets Out of Labs—Support the Federal Pet Safety and Protection Act

S. 714/H.R. 1280—Restricts Sale of Dogs and Cats to Research Institutions
Sponsor(s): Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI); Rep. Michael Doyle (D-PA)
ASPCA Position: Support
Action Needed: Send a letter to your representative and senators urging them to support and cosponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act.

Class B Dealers, licensed under the federal Animal Welfare Act, collect dogs and cats from random sources and sell them to the research industry. Class B Dealers sometimes obtain their animals through illegal or unethical means, such as by responding to “free to good home” ads in newspapers, falsifying records to keep the true origins of the animals unknown, and stealing pets kept outside in yards.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act, S. 714/H.R. 1280, would prohibit Class B Dealers and unlicensed individuals from selling dogs and cats to research laboratories. The only people who would be allowed to sell dogs and cats to research facilities would be dealers who have bred and raised the dog or cat, publicly owned pounds or shelters that obtained the animals from their legal owners, and persons donating a dog or cat who they have bred and raised or owned for at least one year. People who obtained dogs and cats by any other means would not be permitted to sell those dogs and cats to research laboratories, thus ensuring that stolen pets do not end up in research facilities. This bill would eliminate the incentive for “bunchers”—people who collect animals from random sources and sell them to Class B Dealers—to obtain dogs and cats through illegal or unethical means, as there would be no profit in doing so.

Please note, the ASPCA's support of this legislation is neither an endorsement of pound seizure (the release of animals from shelters to research labs) nor of the use of animals for research. The legislation does not change the current practice of some shelters that release animals to research labs, assuming they are in compliance with state law that does not prohibit pound seizure. The ASPCA is strongly opposed to pound seizure and supports legislation to outlaw this practice in states where it is legal. The sole intent of this legislation is to eliminate the Class B dealer, or "middleman," who brokers animals to research labs. This will prevent the theft of companion animals from homes, as well as deceptive practices that put "owned" pets at risk of going to research labs. The ASPCA continues to be a strong proponent of the "3 R's"--Reduce, Refine, and Replace.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act would provide a much-needed safety net to ensure beloved family pets are not stolen or acquired under false pretenses and sold to research laboratories. Contact your representative and senators now and urge them to support and cosponsor S. 714 and H.R. 1280!

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