Lexi and Miles Share A Barrooo Day!!

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Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 6:28pm PST 
I'm going to add Yummy Chummies...or are they Chummy Yummies? Whatever they're called, they're real good and I'm adding them to the pinata!snoopy
CH Astarte's- Apache River

learning the- ropes
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 6:30pm PST 
I'm adding the old stand by ...BAA BAA Q's....I can never get enough of them! Oh, these are Lexi and Miles...I'll part with a few....
Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 9:40pm PST 
I'm throwing in a pizza cake inside the pinata.


Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Thu Apr 5, '07 8:01am PST 
I'm dognapping Sanjaya and putting him in the pinata!
Miles - At the- Bridge

Freedom, sweet- freedom.
Barked: Fri Apr 6, '07 3:01am PST 
Talker!! You bad little Basenji!! You know no one wants Sanjaya!! Yuck! Spit him back out!! Although... it would be fun to beat him with a stick!!

Talk of the- Town!
Barked: Fri Apr 6, '07 7:46am PST 

*Talker passing the stick around*

Hey you - give me a belly- rub.
Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 8:25am PST 
*Keyah pops a candle into a rotisserie chicken*

Happy barooday to you
Happy barooday to you
Happy barooday to you twoooooo
Happy barooday to you!


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Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 8:27am PST 
Happy barooday to two swell B's!partypartypartypartypartypartyparty

Sky Dancer with- an attitude!
Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 8:29am PST 
Happy Birthday to you(s)
Happy Birthday to you (s)
Happy Birthday dear Lexi and Miles
Happy Birthday to you (s)

AND MANY MORE partypartypartypartypartypartypartypartyparty

The 5B's
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