How old is your pibble?

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Barked: Sun Mar 18, '07 11:01am PST 
Hey you ever worry about your pibble aging? I baby girl is going to be turning 6 years old on August 28th..time flies so fast. She was just a year and a half when she stepped foot into my home...I can't imagine being without her..she's so special to me and I love her so much. Her black muzzle is already showing gray hairs frown

My Chihuahua is even older..he'll be turning 10 at the end of this month.

Do you guys ever worry? What is the avreage life expectancy of pibbles anyways? 12-14? 14-16?

I was hoping maybe 40-60 laugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 9:24pm PST 
My mom said she thought she read we can live to 13 or so... she's not sure how old I was when she got me...the vet tried to guess my age based on my teeth..but they were worn way down from eating rocks and my chain and anything else I could cause I was so hungry. Mom says if the vet was right, I am about 13 months old now.... so we have a while!!!