Help with Chewing Hot Spots

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Whats up doc?
Barked: Wed Feb 7, '07 7:25am PST 
hello, Everyone!! I have this thing I love to do it really irritates my mom a lot. See I enjoy chewing my front knees/knuckles (what ever you want to call them) Both my front legs are pretty badly chewed up, but I like it that way do any of you enjoy chewing yourself too? Mom got help from different Vets Ive seen and well she came to the conclusion that I must be allergic to Wheat products. Now I am on a raw meat diet which i really like but I still dont leave my sores alone. Ive had the same ones since September and Ive had a funny cone put on my head numerous times but as soon as she takes that off I tell you its free for all. I dont think I ever will leave them alone. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I may stop this as it really upsets my human friends they worry a little too much about me sometimes.

Thanks for any advice

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