Clippers vs. Handstripping


Barked: Tue Dec 5, '06 2:09pm PST 
Wendy just got her first haircut at Petco. The groomers at Petco clippered Wendy's coat instead of handstripping it. What a disaster that was! They cut her coat so it is really short and now she looks like a cat with a dog's head. Poor girl. Anyway, I wanted to know if any Cairn Terrier owners in this group have their Cairn's clippered instead of handstripped. Does the coat become ugly or too soft if clippered? If I'm unhappy with how Wendy's coat grows in, will I be able to somehow bring back her old wirey coat? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 11:09am PST 
Hello to all from France !
Personnally I practice only handstripping, and always myself. Other methods are as if we crop the hair, so it becomes of bad quality. Handstripping will get you the best result, above all if you show you cairn (and I've shown mines, so that's important !).

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Barked: Fri Sep 14, '07 12:20pm PST 
My previous owner had me clippered right before my Mommy adopted me that's the cut I'm sportin' in my photo. Now my coat is coming really soft and kind of fluffy. In fact the lady at the store where we get my food even commented that it wasn't wirey like a regular Cairn coat. Mom wants to let it grow all the way out and just keep it clean and brushed from there.thinking

What is handstripping and is it something mommy can do at home before or after my bath? Or should she have a groomer do it?shrug


It's my world,- you just live in- it.
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '07 3:45pm PST 
Mom doesn't show me. She and the family have me around strictly for lovin". But, every girl wants to look her best. Thank you for the tip or should I say : " Merci Beau Coup" (hope I spelled that right.)

So what exactly is handstripping? What do they do to you. Your coat looks very nice by the way. Mascotte. puppy

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Barked: Mon Sep 17, '07 8:59pm PST 
My guardians hike with me a lot, and I was really overheating on the trail, and so our veterinarian told me to get clipped. The haircut made me look like every other small dog you see, and I wasn't crazy about it. But it did keep me cooler! The good news is that my hair is growing back in and it is stiff and wiry just like it was before. It is a bit different color though -- although another Cairn's owner said her dogs changed colors several times. I've since been told that you can clip just their bellies and they will stay cool. Anyway -- I'd like more information on how to hand strip, because my owners tried it and it was -- shall we say -- not pleasant for either of us. I don't want another clip, but do need a viable alternative. PS I am just for lovin', too, now showing.