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This is a Post: Adding Contest Photos

Let me know if it helps all you Doggies?

I wanted to give you an example on how to add your Contest picture to the group site...

This is listed below...

Add your pictures to the group site under
Group Administrata:
Add or remove photos for this group

I listed an example for you, as shown on the Group Site page, below....

Hope this helps? Let me know, if you need any further help?

Group Administrata:
» Edit your group profile [admin only]
» Edit the logo for this group [admin only]
» Review the pet memberships in this group [admin only]
» Invite a new member to the group
» Add or remove photos for this group
» Add or remove videos for this group
» Edit group preferences
» Add or remove a pet from this group


If your having problems adding your pictures to the groups site of pictures because there too big....
Add that picture to your main Dogster page, because it takes large pictures and then save that picture into a file in your pictures files and upload it from there....
Dogster's main pages download them to the proper size....

It works trust me....

Now there's now more sizing down problems.
You can do it from your Dogster page....

Hope this helps everyone!!!


Hugs to you,
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