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Pizza?? I LOVE- PIZZA!!
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '07 5:09pm PST 
My name is Gabe. I have two kitties that I absolutley adore. I can heel (without a leash), sit, shake, dance, Stick Em Up, BANG (play dead), I know all my moms friends by name and can find them, I am also good at gathering laundry off the floor, turning lights, and because my mom is so absent minded it is my job to find keys, purse, and remote control. One time my mom taught me to get her a beer from the fridge, but then I helped myself to the fridge when nobody was home. "What did you learn?" I'm not allowed in the fridge anymore.

If it fits in my- mouth, it's- going down!
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '07 5:18pm PST 
Hi, I'm Bastian. I am a puppy, not a polar bear, and we know this because I hate CocaCola. My brother has been to all sorts of obedience classes, his most recent being a freestyle dance class. (Gabe forgot to mention that!) I have not been to any obedience classes because I have yet to be neutered. But it is on my to-do list. I am housebroken. I know sit, lay down, I sometimes try to help my brother gather laundry but I am still learning the difference between my moms stuff and toys. I am crate trained and I just got a new plastic crate because I could walk the mesh crate around the house like a hamster ball. I usually got stuck in the hallway though. I am very good at walking on a leash, and I am very good at comming when called. I love strangers as long as they are kids or girls. Otherwise Im a bit timid.

Jerry loves- Reggie
Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 6:57am PST 
my name is Jerry and i am five years old
I know the commands: sit, stay, down, heel, shake hige and low, say please, bring my toy to my mammy,

My mammy learn me all the commands

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For ever in my- heart
Barked: Wed May 2, '07 2:32am PST 
Hi my name's Monty and I haven't been to training classes. I know sit stay, come, beg, paw and wave. I am 10.

Watch out- squirrels, I'm- a-coming!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 7:28pm PST 
hi hi! i'm pinky, better known as chobo, pinkerooni, and machu pikachu. i've been to level 1 obedience class and know sit, stay, down, come, watch me, shake, touch (target), give me. last but not least, i know "where is daddy!" (go find daddy). i can't wait to learn more tricks/commands!

I love my- friends!
Barked: Mon Jun 4, '07 2:58pm PST 
Hi, I'm Baxter. I'm five months old, and I'm going to be starting my first obedience lessons with a trainer soon. So far, my mommy has been working with me at home.

I walk very nicely on my leash, and I know Gimme Five, Down, Wave, Heal, Follow, Under, Crawl, Through (jump through a hoop), Jump, Where's Baxter?, and my least favorites: No and Off.

I don't know how to sit on command yet. Mommy's having a little trouble teaching me that because when she does the "lift a treat above my nose" method, I stand up on my hind legs. Hee-hee. big grin She's trying to just see me sitting and say "Sit" when I do it so I'll learn. That's how I learned Down.

I like learning new tricks. They're mostly fun for me, and I get treats for doing them. Woo-hoo! snoopy

I also like making new friends, so I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.

I came, I saw, I- said Hello!!
Barked: Fri Aug 3, '07 9:35am PST 
Hi I'm Odie!
I went to a level one puppy class but I already knew the commands before we learned them... well except "look at me"
I know sit,down, stay, heel, drop it, leave it and "look at me" from the class.
Mommy also taught me "sit pretty", "show me your belly", leg weave, over, under, circle(clockwise spin) and "the other way" (counter clockwise spin), up, right and paw, bow (sometimes), quiet (speak quietly), loud (normal speak), and sneeze.
I really excited to have found this place because mommy ran out of ideas of what to teach me.
Tail wags to all of you!

live like you- mean it!! then- nap!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 12:59pm PST 
Hi ohh, im Molly, a retriever mix. I only went to 1 puppy class and was thrown out!!! Can you believe it? The trainer lady said i was aggressive. hmph, i'm not at all aggresive, i am friendly and never ever threaten anyone-then she mentioned that i was only a mixed breed. only.... geee how rude. so we left and got to work.
well i showed her. My mommy taught me everything i know:
i am never rude and have awesome manners.
i do all the basic stuff-sit,stay,wait, leave it,lay down,give paw,crawl,come ect...
but i do fun stuff too:
i turn the xmas tree on and off when asked
i collect the mail and paper
i turn around and then the other way when mommy needs me to.
i never ever run away, pick the trash or do other nasty behaviours.
i know how to tip toe. when mommy says tip toe that usually means there is a squirrel in the yard i need to sneak up on
when its time to wake up my humans (only when mommy tells me to) i go to each of their rooms and kiss them till they wake up. unless of course i feel they have slept too long and then must take matters into my own paws.
at the park my doggy friends sometimes wander away from their mommys so when my mommy asks i go and round them up.
also when mommy needs a hole dug in the yard for a flower or something i can do that too. only when she asks me of course.
i play lots of games with my kids and learn the rules of new games really fast.
so you see i love to entertain and help out my family and would love to learn new stuff to impress them. anyone have any ideas?

Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 6:06pm PST 
Hi I'm Lady!!puppy I am related to Molly, see above. She's my cousin. I do very few trick, you see I am a Princess so the only trick I really know how to do is to sit and look cute. I do kiss frogs on compand and hunt for frogs. Oh yeah, I can give you my paw, but only the left one. I don't want anyone to expect too much from me. I'm really here to support Molly, please don't tell her though, being a Princess I have a reputation to up hold.
I will enjoy seeing all you pups show off your tricks, just don't expect many from me, again it's the Princess thing.
I hope you all welcome me with open paws.


p.s there aren't any cats on this thread are there? Because that could be a real distraction.

I love my- mohawk.
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 11:59am PST 
Hi there! I have had a personal trainer to teach me the basics. I am very energetic but when I focus, I can learn very fast!

Recently I have learned how to shake and give a standing high five.

Ready to learn more!!
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