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Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 6:55pm PST 
Hi~! My name is Yippy and I’m a 2 ½ year old dachshund/chihuahua.
I came to live with my mommy when I was almost 6 months old, and I came with my own set of “issues”.
Among other things, I had not been socialized (people or dogs) and was very timid and unsure about everything~!

Mom put me in as many classes as she could early on for basic socialization, but also to build my confidence and self-esteem. She found that it helped me a lot~! You could see my confidence building when I would learn new commands, and mom says it’s always a wonderful thing when she watches a new command finally “click” for me and she sees me go, “Hey~! I did something Good~!”

Mom and I took Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced group training classes.
I also did a Trick class and an Intro to Agility class just for fun.

Although I graduated all these classes, I was not able to get my CGC because I couldn’t pass the Supervised Separation part of the test. I still have fears of being left, although I know mom NeVeR would~!

Most of the commands I know are from class, but I know some from mom “catching” cute behavior and putting it on cue. I follow hand signals for most, but also know them all by voice…. Some in English, some in Korean, and some in both languages.

Commands I know…
I learned all the agility equipment commands… but am not 100% with them. Not enough continual practice, but I will do most of them, most of the time (except for the collapsed tunnel. Chute~!)

Aside from the agility stuff, I know…

Sit, Down, Stand, Stay (sit-stay, down-stay, stand-stay), Come, Wait (for walking, but also like Inky's "leave it" i'll "wait" to eat treats on each paw etc), Leave It, Give, Off, Ouch (means gentle- like when I’m playing with a puppy), Paw (in English is right paw, and Korean is left paw), Wave (hi), Gimme 5, High 10 (we just recently separated 5’s from 10’s), Sit Pretty (in Korean only), Twirl (counter clock), Spin (clockwise), Say Prayers, “Sad” (head down), Roll Over, Crawl, Stretch (down with legs straight back), Bow (in Korean), Bang! (I’m never really dead, my tail gives me away!), I’ll show you my belly if you ask in Korean, I like to “Find It!” when mom hides treats and I find them with my nose, I LoVe targeting and “touch” things with my paw~ I will touch my favorite people by name like “mommy” and other family members. I will also “touch” many of my toys by name, my Favorite thing to touch is a latex squeaky ball cuz it squeaks when I paw it.

Sorry this was so LONG, i know you said "short intro"~!

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Wind Stalker
Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 6:32pm PST 
Hello, everyone! My name is Camila and I love doing tricks! I enjoy dayly sessions with mom and I know many tricks. I learn fast! The first trick I learned was sit, of course, when I was two months. I have been in obedience classes for a long time and I am so good at it!

I love this group, I already learned a lot with Mimi's video! Congratulations, you and your parents are very talented. I send you all lots of kisses and hope we can share lots of tips and fun!
Roswell,- CGC, NPC

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Barked: Thu Dec 28, '06 8:56pm PST 
Hi guys! I'm Roswell. I only know a few tricks, so I joined this group to hopefully learn how to do more. I'm a 3 1/2 year old shepherd and I have been through basic obedience and I have my CGC as well. I'm not the most treat motivated pup and my mom got bored trying to clicker train me (she insulted me and said my cat brother Echo did better with that than I did). Mom needs to get back into the whole training scheme and thought this group might be some good motivation. I look forward to getting to know everyone a little better.


Harness The Wind
Barked: Mon Jan 1, '07 4:13pm PST 
Oops... sorry... My short puppy attention span.. I just posted a thread about me. I guess I have more to add though... I haven't been to any training classes and I don't know any commands. I am not even coming home with my mommy and daddy until wednesday but after that I guess I'll be in boot camp, mommy is looking for socialization classes that I can go to as soon as possible and the next kennel club training classes that I can sign up for are going to be late february.

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Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 5:47pm PST 
Hi!!! My name is Brodie. I'm a 7 mo old mini schnauzer. I came to my parents home at 2 mo. From day one dad and mom have been teaching me tricks.
I got enrolled in a puppy class at Petsmart mostly for the socialization, but it turned out to be only one other dog. My first trainer was not good, and we think she might have gotten in trouble for suggesting a prong collar for me. We got a new trainer who is the greatest. I really enjoyed my class, and was sad that it was over.
I just got enrolled in the intermediate class and can't wait.
I still have some problems that frustrate my parents and hopefully I can get that figured out very soon.
The commands I know that I do 99% of the time: Sit, Lay Down, Wait, Come, Shake, In Your Bed, and Get it (which means I can get my treat), Wait (when the door opens I wait until i'm allowed) and On Your Blanket.
Things that I can do when I really want to: Stand, Stay (sit and lay down), Leave It, Up and Off, Sit Up, Drop It, I know to look for my sheep and bear by name, and Dance.
Guess that's about it, I can't wait to learn more tricks.

*~in love with- Scruffy Wuffy~*
Barked: Sat Jan 27, '07 12:02pm PST 
Hello all you tricksters~!
My name is Tutu. I'm a Maltese (although my mommy thinks i may have some bichon or poodle in me somewhere.) I came to my mommy when i was a baby from a family friend who is a breeder.

Ever since I was a baby, mommy liked teaching me fun tricks. She thinks it helps us bond. Mommy's doggy before me (who passed away cry) knew LOTS of tricks and caught on quickly. I didn't get the tricks quite as quickly but i'm coming along.

I've never had any formal training but mommy and i spent every second together when i was a baby because she was straight out of college and didn't have a job yet (lucky me.) So she taught me a lot of tricks then... right now i know the basics like sit, lay, back up, stay, talk, paw, high five, twirl, walking on my hind legs... my most recent trick is playing patty cake.

I hope i can learn many more tricks and this forum will help mommy with some ideas. So glad to meet everyone and hope we can be great pals. hug

Pet me,hug- me,kiss me!
Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 7:50am PST 
Hi everypup! I am six years old but I still like learning new tricks. I know: sit, come, give me a hug, lay down, give the paw, fetch(sticks, toys, balls) , catch the biscuit( in the air!) catch the ball.dogdogdog

snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopycheercheer cheer

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Barked: Sun Jan 28, '07 7:56am PST 
Hi there! I am four years old. My mom has taught me: sit, come, fetch, catch the biscuit, catch the ball and lay down. I want to learn more tricks! Do you have any ideas?snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

C'mon chase me!- I know you- wanna!!
Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 3:33pm PST 
Hello everyone!

My name is Peyton, I am named after Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts (we're a big football loving family)

I have never been to any classes. I know just the basic commands such as sit, shake, lay down, and to go to my bedroom (my crate).

I joined this group in hopes that my mommy and I could learn some new tricks or commands together and just to meet new friends big grin

-Peyton, laser rocket paw

C'mon chase me!- I know you- wanna!!
Barked: Mon Jan 29, '07 3:33pm PST 
oops! I posted twice somehow!

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