Where did YOUR name originate?


Miss 'Mani
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How did you get your name? What does it mean? Tell us all about it, the story behind it, how/who named you, etc! We'd love to get to know you better!
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Hamish is a sable, plush coated shiloh shepherd. Born on Valentine's Day 2004, he is my heart and soul! Hamish is my sensitive thinker, mature long before his age dictated.

We also own a smooth coated shiloh shepherd named Gareth who is the light of our lives, he's always so "alive." Gareth has a zest for life, some might call it the Bull in a China Shop syndrome. But we wouldn't have it any other way, he makes us laugh and smile all the time.

As for their names, well Hamish was supposed to be Leicester but I got a poo, poo from a special friend on that one, so James ended up naming Hamish. That change ended up changing everything as I had planned on following a Tudor theme [yes I had to have call names and registered names] since that meant so much to me. Our Celtic heritage also means a lot to us, so when I brough little Light Blue Boy home and James started calling him Hamish it was decided. Now in Scotland, 'mac' basically translates into son of, and since his father's name is Kota, he became Hamish MacKota. I never said I was good at naming things! LOL!

Gareth is another Scottish name, but I have to admit it's just a name I liked as opposed to having any real significance behind it. Gareth, having Kota as a father also became Gareth MacKota. And so, by default we became Mac Shilohs.

Heather and the Mac Shilohs crew

Miss 'Mani
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Great intro, Great names, for obviously Great guys!

My name is Imani; when I met my Mom, I was already 8 months old, and had been named Faith by my breeder. Mom said it just didn't "feel right" so she and my human sister Kim, who have a fascination with foreign languages, did some research, and found that "Imani" is translated as "Faith" and seemed like a perfect "fit" for me. Imani is the fifth day of Quanzaa, the African American celebration, that particular day focuses on Faith. So, there you have it.

My baby sister's name is Frankie, which she was named by the breeder, and Mom was asked not to change it as it had a special significance to her registered name. Her nickname at home is Tater, because when she came to live with us at 9 weeks old, (Last September 19), she wanted nothing more than to get up on the couch and nap, but she was way to small to get up there on her own. Mom laughed, and said Frankie was her "first official Couch Potato" since I never wanted to sleep there. From there, Dad said she was too little to be a couch potato, so she must be a Tater Tot, and that is what he called her until she was big enough to get on the couch. To this day, she is Tater to Mom and Dad. Frankie is my half sister- we share a doggie mom.

My baby brother's name is Jesse. When he came to us this past May, he was named Meiko, but he had been seriously beaten and starved, and Mom wanted to give him a new start in life, which would require a brand new name. So she made a list of names, and Dad and Kim didn't really like any of them. So when Mom and Dad finally went to pick him up, Mom met him, and asked him if he would like to be called Jesse from now on, and he licked her hand. So now Dad has his "Frank & Jesse" after the James brothers (Dad is an old western fanatic) and Mom said she just knew Jesse and Frankie were going to get into more trouble together than either of them ever would alone. Jesse is a nice strong name, and I think has helped my adopted baby brother become the "man" he is today. He is very attached to Frankie, and actually alerts Mom to Frankie's seizures up to a full day in advance. When Frankie isn't feeling well, Jesse has been known to find a blanket and drag it in his mouth to cover her up while she sleeps.

So, thats where our names came from, and I am pleased to meet all of you!

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We now have 8 dogs so I'll list them one at a time.

Buck-He was already named that from the SPCA so we decided to keep it since he responded to it.

Maleeka-With her we used my husbands first 2 initials and the last name with ka at the end because it sounded good for a husky.

Kayla-We got this name from a book about an alaskan girl.

Destiny-She was already named on her papers.

Pheonix-She was born red, hence the name but ended up turning colors.

Dragon-My husband named him, he likes science fiction/fantasy stuff.

Nic-He was named Tinsel by the breeder because he was born on Christmas day but we changed it to Saint Nic-it was more boyish.

Hope-she was already named from the breeder. It fit her so we kept it.
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The shelter I came from named her Dahlia...her foster mom called her that and by the time she came to us, she somewhat knew the name. We opted to stick with it.

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My name at the shelter was Deacon. It didn't fit me and I didn't seem to know it. My mom renamed me Romey just because she liked it. She used to know a dog named Romeo and called him Romey-omee-omee-o and that's kind of where it came from. It fits me because it's goofy and so am I.

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My mom actually named me Baxter when I came into the shelter (she was voluntering there) and when she ended up adopting me, she felt silly changing a name she had already given me...apparently it suits me.

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Higgins is a song by Umphrey's McGee and my mom's great grandmothers last name!