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Calling all CNY paws! We have this wonderful forum of our own right here on Dogster, so lets put it to good use! We don't even have to interact with others who are not in our area, as this is separate from the main forums. Anyway, lets start a thread in which we each intorduce ourselves to each other, and learn more about our new friends here in CNY!
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I kind of combined the name and intro post -- sorry.

We live north of Syracuse along the I-81 corridor on several acres in a rural community. We both work in the "city" of Syracuse but really wish we were independently wealthy so we could focus all of our energy on our pups!

Hamish is a sable, plush coated shiloh shepherd from Shenandoah Shilohs/B&T Shilohs. Born on Valentine's Day 2004, he is my heart and soul! I can't imagine life without these dogs around. Hamish is my sensitive thinker, mature long before his age dictated.

We also own a smooth coated shiloh shepherd named Gareth who is the light of our lives, he's always so "alive." Gareth has a zest for life, some might call it the Bull in a China Shop syndrome. But we wouldn't have it any other way, he makes us laugh and smile all the time.

Heather and the Mac Shilohs crew

Miss 'Mani
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Pleased to meet you, Hamish, and Gareth, and your Mom too!

I am Imani, and my sister Frankie, my brother Jesse, Mom, Dad and human sister Kim all live near Weedsport, just off exit 40 of the NYS Thruway. Frankie and I are English Mastiffs, and Jesse is a Neapolitan mastiff. My birthday is April 14, 2004, Frankie's is July 10, 2005, and Jesse's adopted birthday is July 21, 2005. My Mom is Margaret, and she says we are her entire world. Mom was supposed to go to vet school, but because of some serious health issues, she didn't get to finish, so she has instead focused on rescue, and US! We enjoy going for walks on nature trails, but when we can't do that, we like to play in our backyard and walk from our house to a beaver pond up the road. We love to play in the snow, and Mom loves to take pictures of us and make videos too.

We also have a bunch of small fuzzy things that Mom calls chinchillas- dark ebony ones! I like to sniff at them and try to get them to come out and play with me, but Jesse knows how to open the latches on the cages with his nose, and he doesn't understand that they are small and fragile and cannot come out and play with us, so Mom keeps them in their own room, and I only get to visit with them sometimes when I am good. Our human sister Kim just started college at CCC in Auburn. Dad drives tractor-trailer for McLane's. Thats all I can think of right now, but if I forgot something and you want to know, just ask!

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