New to Forum!


Barked: Sun Aug 27, '06 3:46am PST 
First I want to thank you all for the invite!

My name is FizzGigg I of course am a Bichon Frise, My Birthday was on July 27th and am now 5 years old (WOW).

I live in NJ with my Human Mom & Dad, Two brothers Tobi (Pug) & Max (Boxer)and numerous other creatures such as a horse named Daisy, Two Bunnies JC & Lucky 4 fire belly toads a trantula (Its Daddies and yes Mommy hates it 100%) and our newest member Squegie a Blue saltwater damsal Fish. WOW I have a big family LOL.

I hope tto get to know every single one of you as soon as possible
Talk to you soon