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Barked: Fri Aug 25, '06 6:31am PST 
Here goes....Hope you guys can help, as you can see Im the proud parent of two beautiful Dobes. Im a little scared as they have been play fighting alot lately, but with teeth, piching skin and pulling and snapping at each other. I try a seperate them, but nothing seems to help. They are litter mates brother and sister, both fixed. I adopted them at 6 months old. And they have been doing this since the beggining. Can this be good for them, Im afraid that If it continues that once they become bigger that it will become worse. Im not only worried about their appreance, but sometimes ill hear one of them cry during and it will stil continue........what do I do????

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Welcome! Sorry for the delay in response, we've been playing on Myrtle Beach! Um, to answer your question, only you will be able to determine whether this play fighting is becoming serious enough to ellicit help from a professional trainer. I will tell you from my personal experience that my two girls play fight pretty hard, they show teeth and pinch each other, as well as make the house sound as if it is about to come down around us all! They will reluctantly cease the fight with a booming, firm command to cut it out. In the beginning, I had to place them in time out (physically.), but, only because I don't care for rough playtime indoors. Young Dobies are very energetic and with your home consisting of a male and female, my guess is that they are in fact playing, just maybe a little too rough for your liking. During a play session, nobody should become injured. If that is the case, you may want to consult a trainer. Your situation with a male and female together is actually what most trainers would recommend for a balanced home environment, I am hard-headed, I was determined to make it work with my two girls and so far everything is coming up roses. You may want to consider structuring thier home life to only allow rough playtime outdoors, it dosen't seem as loud and dangerous when you are not enclosed in a small space. Let me know if you have any other questions that I may can help you with. Thank-you for saving your precious babies, I love to hear of successful Doberman adoptions! - Stephanie, Phoenix and Mina.
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I agree- Sometimes I like to play with my little sister really roughly. She can take it most of the time, but she doesn't like to back down and sometimes we go too far. Mommy can always tell by our voices whether it's escalated from playing to fighting. She's had to pull us apart before, but only once or twice. Then it was time for us to lie on our backs and be calm for a long time until mommy said it was okay for us to get back up again. That's the way she tells us she is boss. I don't really like being on my back, but I know I need to do what she says. Good luck, I know it can be hard because we're so big, but we're worth the extra training!!