Tell a little about yourself!


Barked: Mon Jul 17, '06 7:52pm PST 
Hi Lovlies,

How've you all been? I've been fine myself! Rolling in dirt, eating rats, killin' birds and just bein' plain nasty BOL!

''How've ya been?''

kisses, huggies and tail wags,
Admin Lucy

Choppity!- (means, 'Hurry- up! Let's go!')
Barked: Tue Jul 18, '06 5:41pm PST 
I am doing better now that mama isn't so freaked out and knows my red eyeball is just a flare-up of my Uveitis (caused by my cancer). I am in remission (from the cancer) which is the GREATEST news. wink

So good to hear from ya, Lucy!


Barked: Fri Jul 28, '06 12:34am PST 
Hi Tifany!

We haven't talked in so long pal! I'm missin' ya! Anyways, about the red eye. Poor wittle Tifany, I hope both you and mommie are o.k. I'm happy to hear that your cancer is going well. smile Your such a little fighter! We love you!

huggies, kisses and tail wags,
Admin Lucy


im a chuby buby
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 9:15am PST 
hello ladies

I'm feeling so good to day! i have so much energy latley. i really love to play. so how have the restof you been?

Wana play?
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 8:02pm PST 
Hi, I am Nicki, and my Bestest friend, and sister, Bailey. Bailey's been a good girl, but I ran after a car, because my daddy didn't put me on a leash, oops!!! I am perfectly fine, though, I almost gave my mommy a heart attack!!!! shock
Jouet (Aug- 31,2001-May- 8,2008)

Good Momma!
Barked: Mon Apr 30, '07 9:46pm PST 
Hi, girls! It's great to be in the company of such truly lovely ladies!way to goapplause

Girls just wanna- have fun!
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 6:01am PST 
I just turned 2 on Cinco De Mayo. It was a fabulous day full of goodys and cake. I went to the spa yesterday for a grooming. Mom got me a new do. We are not in love with it yet! I look really skinny now that all my fur is gone. Mom says it will grow back. I do feel kind of naked and free though!smile
The Divine- Miss Jenna- Pooh RIP

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 1:52pm PST 
Well, ahem...I am the Divine Miss Jenna Pooh (that's what Mommy calls me, but my friends call me Poozer)...I was born in Geneva, New York and that was my original name Geneva, but everyone called me Jinx or Jinxy when I lived at the bar. When Daddy brought me home finally to my new mommy who I have been trying to get to for the longest time, Mommy said she was already in love with me so it was a done deal...she knew me from the bar, don't ask why...hee I live in the lap of luxury...mind you we aren't rich, just average family...but Mommy works and spends her money on taking care of moi! Every night when she comes home I do the Jenna dance when I see her and if she doesn't come in fast enough (she always honks her horn for me) I whine until she gets in the door. woo hoo...bags...means a present for moi! She lays them down and lets me nose through them...although sometimes I come up without is fun to look. But Mommy always goes to my treat jar and gives me something nummy to chew on until dinner. Then the three of us (daddy, mommy and moi) sit down at the dinner table and eat and eat and eat. Well Mommy has lost weight because she shares her dinner with moi! hee hee, I am spoiled, I know I'm not supposed to have human food, but think about it...if I was in the wild...what would I be eating? hmmmmm....probably pig, cow, or what ever is lying around. Anywho...then we lay down and rest for a bit...then get up and play ball...and then mommy says it is time for bed...and I march down the hallway and wait to make sure mommy is right behind me. Hey, I can't let her out of my sight...she may have something good to eat -- BOL! I love cuddling with mommy and daddy, but when it is lights out...I crawl to the foot of the bed so I can keep guard of any killer mice or killer chipmunks...hee hee...if I hear scratching I'm off to investigate. I have to keep critters out of my house you know! eekeek The food is all mine! I'm the only furry critter allowed in my house, just ask Charlie our neighbor dog...well it is time to wait for Mommy so I gotta go. Love to all

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! The Divine One (Poozer to you!)