Milestones, good and bad


Barked: Sat May 20, '06 9:53am PST 
Today is Kasey's birthday, her 1st since Teddy passed away last August. Kasey is 9 today, and Teddy would have been 9 in December, so this is a particularly marked day. Kasey is adjusting well and now has a new buddy, 7 month old Andy, but I can tell how she soooo misses her Teddy Bear.
For those of you who have lost Shelties, how did your other Sheltie(s) deal with the loss? My little precious angel seems to have 'aged' in the face. She even has little grey hairs at the corners of her mouth. It has been extremely sad for both of us, these months w/o Teddy.
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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 9:58am PST 
Well, I am my mistress's first Sheltie so I would have to say no. Her dad says that our next dog will definitely be either a Sheltie or Collie though.big grin