Barked: Sat Apr 15, '06 7:43am PST 
I have to admit I'm not sure if it's best to post as the dog (Finnegan) or as the human (Lep)? Perhaps for this one, best to be the human.

I'm a grad student in (human) education - and know relatively little about animal cognition other than keeping an eye on articles. No surprise this interest has been generated by observing my 16-year-old poodle over the years, and trying to make sense of his behavior.

I'm quite interested in general issues of animal cognition. I've read that dogs have been marginalized as animals to study, so it seems we have to look to research about other species to try to get any insight.

Related to dog cognition is my interest in dog consciousness and/or self-awareness. I've got some theories on this the blend philosophy (Descartes and Merleau-Ponty) and empirical research on pigeons - but they're too complicated to get in to here! And also I have to spend some more time developing them to ensure they hold up. That's a longer-term project for me!