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Poodle Girl
Barked: Mon Jul 24, '06 9:56am PST 
I will be 1 on Oct 27.
Hope, NPC- (In Loving- Memory)

Queen- of Naughty-
Barked: Mon Jul 24, '06 12:02pm PST 
My pretend birthday is November 3rd. This year I will be 3.
♠ Lakota ♠

Happy New Year
Barked: Thu May 10, '07 4:25am PST 
Okay, we've been neglecting the it's time to remedy that!

If you have not posted your birthday, please do so!

Maybe we need a birthday President? BOL!!!
Sorry for all the p ups that already had birthdays and we missed them, or didn't post in the group...

Lakota, administrator on May 10
Kasper, administrator on May 20
Tinker Toy ID# 210418 on May 20
Casey ID# 211559 on May 1
Max ID# 180651 on May 27



I am trouble
Barked: Mon May 14, '07 12:47pm PST 
Jake was 2 on May 1st
Dozer and Jasmine will be 1 year on July 23
Nikita will be 5 on November 21
Tracksie- (TDIT, CGC)

Follow- Your Nose, &- Heart
Barked: Thu May 17, '07 8:15pm PST 
My birthday is on February 17th! snoopy
♥ Nebraska Pack

Big Gun Pack
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 9:18am PST 
Only 1 Birthday in September??


September 1, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! partysnoopyparty

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 1:58pm PST 
Happy belated, Jackie.
I hope your day was great.
These wishes are for you,
Even tho they're a little late.

I wish you lots of happiness
All thru the coming year,
And hope you gets lots of loving
From those you hold most dear.

Let the treats be never ending,
The toys forever anew.
Extra long walks by the sea or woods.
That's what I wish for you.

Happy Birthday, Jackie

Holly Gamber -In Loving Memory

Beloved pet and- friend for 12- years.
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '07 11:12am PST 
My birthday will be in October.

I came, I saw, I- said Hello!!
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 3:57pm PST 
Well I can't believe I am just posting this... but Today is my woofday!!

I was born on September 16, 2005!!

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 4:04pm PST 
♬ Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Ody, Happy Birthday to you! ♬

Hope you are having a fun filled, treat filled day and many more.

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