HELP! 2 young F blue leopard Catahoulas, KY kill shelter

Desoto- Leopold

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Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 8:05am PST 
My mom received a message from Catahoula Rescue Network that there are two beautiful, young female blue leopard Catahoulas at the Ohio County Animal Shelter in Hartford, Kentucky.

These beautiful girls will be GASSED on Monday, April 10, if they are not adopted or rescued before then.

Here is their Petfinder listing with photos (you might have to copy and paste into your browser): dTarget=&SessionID=4437ce2534787c01-app1&display=&preview=1&row=0&tm pl=&stat=

The main page for the shelter is:

Aren't they pretty and sweet? Please, can anyone help them? Call Gloria at (270) 298-4499 or (270) 274-3106 for more info.

Desoto Leopold
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Barked: Sun Aug 20, '06 1:07pm PST 
Oh my gosh! I will help spread the word!