How did you choose your dog's name?

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Am I just the- cutest, or what?
Barked: Wed Jul 12, '06 1:49pm PST 
I teach, and had a parent long ago that had the first name of Annabelle. I promptly fell in love with it, and had to name my next puppy that. She fits it perfectly. I was worried it was too long, but it rolls right out of my mouth easily...especially when she dashes off with something she is not supposed to have!

Suzie - Snoozie
Barked: Fri Jul 21, '06 10:50pm PST 
My name was "Floozie" (although I'm not sure how it was spelled exactly) when I was a breeding dog. But, once I was put in the Rescue, they renamed me "Suzie". My mom likes my new name because that was her grandma's name, too.

Guido - Shakes, Rattles- and Rolls
Barked: Fri Jul 21, '06 10:52pm PST 
The breeder named me. All the ladies in the Rescue think it's a great name so I'm still "Guido". Guido means "guide" and I only guide the other doggies into trouble!! But, it is so much fun.

Mica Dior

Im too sexy for- these boots
Barked: Mon Jul 24, '06 6:43pm PST 
Mica (a common German female name) was the only name out of many that my daddy and mommy both liked and wasn't common. And mommy decided i needed a little designer flare to it and added Dior.
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