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Fashion- my- Passion
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 12:37pm PST 
Tell us whats your favorite style. Here are some questions to help you get started. How do you like to dress? What's your favorite color? Do you prefer shirts or sweaters or dresses?
What do we need if we want to dress like you?
Suzy- ♥- Dreyfus

Gramma Suzy
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 1:41pm PST 
Oh Tama,

You know I'm such a sucker for these topics!!!!! I like HOT burn your eyes pink! I like princess styles but also go for sporty! I HATE to be dressed in the same exact outfit with Beatrix! This makes me throw a hissy fit. I love her and everything but I am my own dog!

This dress I'm wearin' is my Tama Original One of a Kind. He captured my Suzy Style.

I'm gonna wear this outfit to the Haute Dog Easter Parade in Belmont Shores California! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be IN the parade!

Anything HOT pink, gorgeous and wild is Suzy!
Johnny- Thunder CGC

Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 1:42pm PST 
Me, me, me likes to be a cowboy! (Swinging tail around head like a lasso) WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Me likes me cowboy outfit!

Do NOT put ribbons in my hair! NO WAY!!!!


Cinnamon- Bear

A hug in fur
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 1:47pm PST 
Honey: I like to be naked! (giggling)

Cinnnamon: (Bonking Honey on head with tail) This is FASHION CLUB we're s'posed to be stylish like Tama okay?

Honey: I'm just here to meet girls! Hey girls!

Cinnamon: Stop it, be serious...

Honey: Okay, I like a tuxedo

Cinnamon: Forget him, I like sporty and comfortable. Just cause we're twins is no reason to dress me like the devil.

Honey: DEVIL!!!! LOOK Who's talking, evil twin!!! (chases Cinnamon outside)

Me LOVE you!
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 1:50pm PST 
My best color is RED! I love red! I accessorize by holding a red ball in my mouth! It makes it kinda' hard to talk but truly, you can't knock the look!

I love feathers! I never wore feathers until Daisy made me some hats with feathers now it's my latest hotest look! (Thank you Daisy)

I like pretty dresses like a flower or a princess. I'm not crazy for itchy sweaters but I will tolerate them from time to time.

My own two cents? I don't like bein' dressed like Suzy either! LOL It's embarassing! Why do humans do that? Do they just get deals on stuff if they buy more than one? I like to be me!
Suzy Q- Austin

Doggie- Diva
Barked: Fri Mar 31, '06 8:58pm PST 
We Suzy's think alike. I look good in hot pink. I like glamour dresses best, but I like sporty too cuz I'm a tomboy. I don't like expensive--unless mom makes me something expensive--cuz I can't really wear this stuff very long or my hair matts. Most of my stuff is for pictures and just showing off. heehee

NM- Cowboy
Barked: Sat Apr 1, '06 12:38am PST 
I only wear clothes for photo shoots; otherwise I'm au natural. I have such a beauuuutiful coat, that I don't want to hide it. harhar Actually, I don't much like clothes, but I wear them for a little bit. I like hats even less, especially the ones that cover my eyes. So much for protecting my eyes from the sun!!! I think I'll just let my topknot down and shade my eyes that way. heehee

However, if I have to wear something for a little while, I'll take polo shirts, Hawaiian-style shirts or tank tops and board shorts. I like the Hawaiian/surfer look or very casual. I've been told that I look good in a tux and dressed up, but don't make me wear that monkey suit stuff very long!!!
Suzy- ♥- Dreyfus

Gramma Suzy
Barked: Sat Apr 1, '06 7:30pm PST 
I think Suzy Q looks good in everything!
Suzy Q- Austin

Doggie- Diva
Barked: Sat Apr 1, '06 8:13pm PST 
You only see me right after my bath and a good brush out. I don't look that great every day, believe me!

Be- Kind
Barked: Sun Apr 2, '06 7:14am PST 
Style,ummmmm,personal style.
Oh the pressure........................
I like tank's better then t shirts. I like my arms to be totally free.
Not so into hats yet but mom says that I look good in them if I keep them on.
I prefer a nice brown or khaki to bright colors.
Ummmm. Ya. That's it. I'm still working on a style!
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