Do I look like a Greyhound to you?

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Barked: Fri May 7, '10 1:51pm PST 
Hi Greyhounds!!

I was recently adopted from an animal shelter and my parents decided on getting a doggie DNA test done to find out which mixed breeds I am. The results came back yesterday and to my parents surprise, I am 50% Greyhound and 25% Bulldog. I could have other breeds in me but they didn't meet the minimum 12.5% of my DNA so they are not reported.

So, do I kind of look like a Greyhound or should I have another DNA test done?

blue dog

Charlie Pete

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Barked: Sun May 16, '10 9:34am PST 
hi there

It's a bit hard to tell without seeing more of his body. My Charlie-Pete is a boxer-greyhound mix. His face looks a bit squared off like your dog (I guess if you mix a pointed greyhound face with a squashed boxer, you get a pitbull look). But his body is very greyhound like. Long limbs, long neck, very slim build and boy....can he ever run.