any other retired greys out there

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a 40 MPH- couch-potato.
Barked: Sun Apr 10, '11 2:35pm PST 
I used to race in Florida, but I lost all three of my races so I got an early retirement at three. Now I'm the laziest dog ever. big grin

Barked: Fri Jun 17, '11 4:51pm PST 
I had 14 races under the alias "Init to Winit" in Tucson. I won two of them and that I guess wasn't good enough. I was paroled to a life of curling up on comfy couches, walks around the neighborhood, and tossing around squeaky toys. It is a tough life...

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 8:40am PST 
My boyfriend adopted a retired racer and his name is Invader. When he adopted him his name was Albus (racing name Nothin better). He is such a great dog. Since i have met Invader he has become more playful and loving. I think Invader was handled by a woman trainer because he responds better to women. He has his quirks.

My bfs dad also has a retired racer who was an amazing racer. Her name was Zola lola she had over 72 races.

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Barked: Sat May 31, '14 7:10pm PST 
I am a retired racer from Kenosha, Wisconsin. My doggy mom and her parents drove 12 hours from ND to get me!! It has taken me some time to figure out the 'real' world, but fitting in well now.
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