Help with my 2-1/2 yr old male

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Barked: Wed Jul 21, '10 10:47am PST 
hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. So my dog has skin issues and is constantly itching and scratching and biting. mostly his undercarriage, and legs.

I took him to the vet last week and was prescribed a myriad of items, including a medicated shampoo, antibiotics, an allergy pill, fish oil capsules, some medicated wipes for any abrasions as well as a topical spray. (not Cheap)...So all is great gave him a bath with the special shampoo and administered meds as directed. A week and a half later he is itching worse than ever almost constantly.

Thomas eats a salmon based food for his skin and coat, he does take an occasional swim or wade through a stream, after which i dry him off as best as i can. thomas doesnt get bathed very often as i dont want to dry out his skin making the itching worse, and when i do bathe him i use an oatmeal based bath.

Any one have any suggestions, comments, or ideas to help my itchy boy out? oh and he doesnt have fleas BTW!!! i know that'll be the first response.
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Hi, Chopper had the same problem. I started giving him fish oil capsules (from wal-mart) and got an oat meal spray from Petsmart. The spray said it was for iching and razor burn. I had tried different special shampoos before this, and they didn't help, or they made it worse. He really didn't like when I sprayed him with the spray, but slowly it got better.
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We have a golden too. All her life she got hotspots or whatever at least once a year. But now we know what to do as my mom is a vet tech and I am studying to be a vet myself. A good way to clean the hotspots is to put iodine and (shoot, I forgot what it is called- that clear stuff in the brown bottle that starts with a p- it is alot like iodine but I'll get back to you when I remember the name) and put that on a paper towel. Dab at that and my mom has like a powder thing that she puts on it to put out the itch. You could ask your vet about that and apply it. Then put Lick Gaurd on the outsides of the wound. Unless the hotspot is too big he will stop. Try to keep him busy when you're not home with like a KONG and peanutbutter or something. He also might have allergies to something around the house or where he likes to swim. He might also be allergic to the salmon like my cat... but you can also use like an old t-shirt or something or a wrap and block him from itching. Good luck and I hope my advice helps!


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Many dogs itch if their diet includes corn, wheat, or soy in their dog food. Check ingredients. Most dogs can eat sweet potato based dog foods without any wheat, corn or soy. Try California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato in both dry and canned at www.USBones.com and they have entire lines of natural dog foods and salmon oil and natural supplements.

Adding fish oil or salmon oil or olive oil to the food is great to help prevent itching.

Also what do you clean your house with?
Many dogs are allergic or itch if you are using chemicals to clean your house or carpets. Instead use natural anti bacterial vinegar for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens. Also when cleaning carpet, spray it down or soak it with vinegar before carpet cleaning. Buy vinegar by the gallon for $2. Also look for natural alternatives for the yard, many dogs are allergic to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
Also, after your dog swims, rinse off with fresh water from your hose or your sprayer in your shower, towel dry, then spray or sponge on vinegar, that will kill the yeast that grows in the wet hair that can make dogs itch. My Golden swims daily, we rinse her off with the hose or in the shower, towel dry, then I fill her ears with vinegar with a squeeze bottle and spray her hair down with vinegar. It has been the best tip ever. Healthy ears for years now and no itchy or stinky dog.
The vinegar is the best tip I have ever learned about. I was amazed how well it works. It is the best anti bacterial and safe around pets or kids even if they drink it. Before we had a terrible time with yeast in the ears and the itchy skin. No more now. I wish someone had told us sooner.