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Sophie CGC- CSD

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Barked: Tue May 20, '08 2:52pm PST 
I'm looking for a golden breeder that has service dog quality pups in new england. How do I go about finding one? Does anyone know someone that could point me in the right direction?
Jackson RA

If it's not- movin's, I'm not- chasin' it.
Barked: Fri May 23, '08 6:37pm PST 
You could go to the AKC website. They could help you out.

Leaving a wake- of smiles
Barked: Tue May 27, '08 8:15am PST 
There are golden retriever enthusiast groups in most states. Do some googling and make some contacts.

You could also contact the golden retriever rescue organization and let them know what you're looking for.

Jackson RA

If it's not- movin's, I'm not- chasin' it.
Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 8:42am PST 
If there is a Golden Retriever club near you, you can ask them too.
Goldiva's- Tangled Up- In Blue

Tally-true best- friend
Barked: Sat Jan 31, '09 1:53pm PST 
Mirasol Golden Retrievers offers the absolute best New England has to offer, but it is VERY hard to get one of their pups, since they breed very, very carefully and rarely. Sunfire Golden retrievers in CT has phenomenal performance goldens, intelligent working dogs and stylish athletes. Nautlius Goldens in MA has smart, beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth gorgeous therapy/ conformation line dogs. Tally, the dog in my avatar, is from Goldiva Goldens in Cumberland, Maine, and many are good therapy dogs as well as titled in performance and show. Kilohana and Sunkissed Goldens in NH have beautiful, intelligent goldens to with all their full clearances. GRWeekly lists quality puppies, Goldenretrieverforum.com has many experts happy to help, and Everything Golden . com showcases high qulaity litters, though mainly midwest. K9data.com is an invaluable resource for goldens bc it lists health clearnaces and accomplishments for goldens and is a searchable database.

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Barked: Wed Feb 4, '09 5:13am PST 
contact your local golden retriever club and golden retriever club of america.