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mister man
Barked: Sun Oct 18, '09 9:04am PST 
I was just surfing the web and I found a website that said the average price for a french mastiff puppy is $2,300 is that accurate? Wow. I don't know if we are allowed to post sites here but it was some random blog called articleid=25894&Most-Expensive-Dog-Breed
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Barked: Thu Dec 31, '09 9:25am PST 
That is about the average price. I paid $2,350 for Philip, but he is a very high quality Dogue de Bordeaux with a broad wrinkled head with a strong and heavy-boned body. He was the most precious Dogue de Bordeaux puppy you could ever imagine! His sire is Hungarian and Serbian champion, and needs one more champion title to become an International Champion. Philip is just a pet though. If you are going to get a Dogue de Bordeaux you need to find the best breeder possible. Otherwise you are looking at heartbreak. The DDB is prone to many health problems that BYBs may not screen for. Find a breeder that does DNA testing as well to determine if the parents are carriers for any genetic diseases.

Q.E.D., baby,- Q.E.D.!
Barked: Fri Jan 1, '10 1:08pm PST 
Wow, Phillip - here's another pup from your parents:

"Aylah already has a broad wrinkled head with a strong and heavy-boned body. She is a very playful pup loves playing with her eight siblings. Like her parents, she will be strong and muscular. This pretty Dogue de Bordeaux puppy will be an outstanding watch and guard dog. Look at the photos of the parents! Both are great dogs too! Dam is breeding certified; she is Winner of National Confirmation Show. Her weight is 60kgs (132lbs) and 63cms (24inches) tall. Sire is Hungarian and Serbian Champion. He is International Champion expectant. He is 69cms (27inches) and 80kgs (176lbs). "


Q.E.D., baby,- Q.E.D.!
Barked: Fri Jan 1, '10 2:42pm PST 
What's the name of your dog's sire?