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why is there so much concern over us cropping this breed?

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Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 2:50pm PST 
When I had gotten my dobe who sadly has since passedfrown I looked into cropping her ears. The closest vet who I could find that would do it was an 1 1/2 away. And I don't really live way out in the country. So I ended up not doing it and loved her natural ears- she was Beautiful. Man I miss my dobecry

Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 9:22am PST 
I do not have a Dobermen but I do plan to own one someday. I love the ears cropped and really don't find the as attractive without it done. I would probably pay extra just to have the breeder have it done. As far as it being cosmetic , tail docking , declaw removal, fatty tumor Growth removal, feline declaw are all cosmetic procedures for our benefit . I know with tail docking and declaw removal the veterinary does within two days of birth. In human medicine boy's were circumsized with out being anesthetized and live throught it. I'm not sure at what age Dobermen's ear get cropped but in this day and age we have pain medication in the Veterinary field therefore I feel they animals are not suffering.

Barked: Sun Oct 11, '09 9:38pm PST 
As much as I hate to put dogs through "cosmetic" surgery, I have always cropped and dobes, and I can say that it is not just for cosmetic reasons. I have a mastiff mix that gets ear infections no matter how often we clean the ears because they get wet from rain, etc. and even though we try to dry them they stay wet because air never reaches the inside of the ear. I've owned several dobe's who loved to swim yet never once got an ear infection. I've also worked at kennels and dog spas and I've seen uncropped dobes with ear infections but never a cropped dobe with ear infections, even after swimming in the pool. My dobes also did not get ear mites when there was an outbreak at the kennel they were staying at while we were on vacation. Their ears have also never been scraped or cut as they run through the underbrush at the dog park. It may just be luck, but I don't think so.

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