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Barked: Sun Dec 13, '09 5:49pm PST 
Hi Everyone,
I am trying to learn more about Dals and I thought I would go right to the source. I have a Service Dog now, but one day she will retire and I am interested in breaking away from Goldens and Labs. My school will certify any breed. What do you think of Dals as Service Dogs. I am VERY active as well!!!
Thanks, Jen

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Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 4:06am PST 
Hi! Check your pawmail!

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I own two Dalmatians. I would never use them as service dogs but..if the dog is from a good breeding (not inbred like most are), and is trained very well from puppyhood I think it could be done. Dals are a meh type breed. They are very high energy and tend to drift to do things themselves. If they arent giving something to do they find something...believe me. I would asy go for it.

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Barked: Wed Feb 17, '10 7:50pm PST 
There is a breeder I was looking at the other day that had multiple service dalmatians. I think they would make good service dogs when brought up that way. They love their humans a lot. They do need to exercise a lot though, but inside the house, when exercised well, they are very well behaved and will be couch potatoes if you want them to be. I have found that I have molded my two dalmatians into what I want them to be... low key inside, allowed to play around outside. My Delta LOVES to work.

They aren't hyper like many people think. They confuse hyper with needing exercise. They love to cuddle. People used to think they were stupid and unintelligent because a lot of dalmatians used to be deaf, so they couldn't hear the commands.

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 9:04pm PST 
Dals can make Wonderful service dogs.
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Barked: Sun May 30, '10 5:18pm PST 
Excellent service dogs! Check out this link. You can see two Dalmatians who work as service dogs:


BTW - Katherine is a Dalmatian Mix, but I still think of her as my Dal. laugh out loud