Miniature Dalmations?

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Princess- Birdykins
Barked: Mon Dec 8, '08 3:27pm PST 
Some female dals can be smaller, that being said, they are not supposed to be MINIATURE. That is not what the breed is about.

Also, pointers were mixed in for a couple of years about 30 years ago, aussie sheps were not. The use of the pointers was to breed OUT the deafness. It was frowned upon and ceased not long after it started.

Things to- do--Places to- go!
Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 4:40pm PST 
I read about this quite awhile back on another forum. My take on it
is this....We dals have enough issues going on (deafness, allergies, kidney stones ) without having more because of some nut thinking he has come up with a mini breed. Worry about trying to breed out the bad characteristics on us , not making up more so-called breeds, only to be turned over to a shelter because it's too costly to maintain them!! You want a Dal, there's plenty of these poor babies
in shelters and foster homes !!!!
Jaydens- Rowena,- SD-c, PAT,- CGC

It's all about- the frisbee!!
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 6:24pm PST 
I met a "miniature dalmation" the other day at Petco in my town. It did not look like a dalmation at all. It had ticking, not spots, the head and snout were not shaped like a dalmation, (tapered down into a narrow snout, head was not blocky enough at all) the ears were folded back, the fur was denser, and the body was long, but the height was all wrong. It looked more like a terrier mix, like maybe a Jack Russell/and some sort of pit bull mix. The owner prided the fact that she got this dog from the only breeder of this breed in the whole state. It looked like a full breed mutt.

Cherie-In- Loving- Memory

I deserve to be- Spoiled!
Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 2:10pm PST 
Mom's been aware of this guy for a long time. To think of Dals that small and not able to do what the breed was intended for, is.. well.... uh.... non thinkable!
I weigh 42 lbs, and am considered on the small side of standards. Mom found me thru Petfinders. I can't tell her anymore about my past beyond what the rescue lady told her.
I understand that both Sister and Brother Angels weighed 65-70 lbs each, and Mom loved their sizes!

Barked: Fri Jul 3, '09 9:27pm PST 
In looking at the claims on the website, in his "testimonials" section he claims "I must re-instate the fact that we do not recognise AKC, UKC, CKC, PKC or any other kennel club, not now, not EVER. The American Breeder's Club(ABC) is an eye witness to all of our matings and we only register our "Bloodline" and nobody else's. AKC and all the other kennel clubs lacks credibility,keeps a data base on several different breeds of dogs for a FEE. This is were scams and incorrect pedigrees appear. For a Fee, AKC will issue papers on any pup. Remember AKC is in NY City counting their millions of dollars and they are not an eye witness to the matings, all they want is the FEE.--------"

In other words, HE created the registery that claims they are "purebred."

Developing a new breed is all well and good and I like the idea of a miniature dalmatian, but this isn't it...............Tis a scam.....with a limo.

Member Since
Barked: Tue Apr 17, '12 7:31am PST 
I'm new to Dogster but have been in the dog world for years. It looks to me like these 'miniature Dalmatians' are being bred with some terriers. My family has bred doberman's and dal's for years. Even with the most careful breeding, mother nature still can triumph and they can develop kidney problems. These dogs are nothing more than overpriced mutts.

Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 11:35am PST 
So I've recently been looking into getting a Dal. There aren't many breeders in our area so I've looked long & far. We have one we will be picking up in NC later this month.

I looked on this page out of curiosity and it took me about 30 seconds to exit out of that window. It looks like someone who is trying to exploit the breed. People who have a true love for dalmatians but also love small dogs.
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