Doxies having babies?

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Barked: Tue Oct 20, '09 3:05am PST 
Hi, all You doxies and doxie lovers wave
I need some info on doxies giving birth - my parents want our little girl to have one litter before having her spayed, but I love her sooooo much and am overprotective and worry too much - so I'd appreciate some info on possible complications or any experience with doxie moms.
Thank You way to gosnoopy
Gunther Isaac

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Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 8:45pm PST 
Gee I hope I'm not too late and your doxie has NOT been bred! Why would your parents want her to have a litter before spaying? That's absolutely ludicrous and totally irresponsible! Breeding should be left to the experts, those who've devoted a great deal of time, love, devotion to studying the breed, researching the dog's pedigree and understanding the risks involved with Dachshund breeding.

I'm guessing your parents are under the misinformed assumption that letting a dog have just one litter before being spayed is the "right" thing to do, or that she's such a friendly sweet dog they'd just love to see her have puppies just once, or any number of other ill-minded reasons.

Please, if they haven't made this horrible decision yet, tell them to do the RESPONSIBLE thing and have her spayed and NOT breed her before doing so! If they want puppies, tell them to go look at the local shelter or Dachshund Rescue and see all the thousands of unwanted doxie pups and adults out there. Most are there as the result of people like your parents, making the mistake of breeding just for the heck of it. DON'T DO IT!

Poor dog... I hope it's not too late.