My moms new baby....

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Barked: Fri Sep 4, '09 1:49pm PST 
She just got a 3 and a half year old dachshund from this lady a few weeks ago and he came with skin problems and bumps under his skin, with slight bald spots. Was told by a dog rescuer that she could use triple antibiotic cream and benadryl. Has anyone else heard of this treatment or have any ideas to help. This is her first dachshund. Thanks

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Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 7:59am PST 
congratulations to your mom! where is her dogster page? laugh out loud
its funny but dachshunds really don't seem to have as many skin troubles as other breeds.
i even asked on the dachsie bb, (an excellent resource), http://www.dachsie.org/vbb/index.php?
if anybody's doxie even scratches themselves like other dogs do and everyone said hardly ever!
its not like our little legs can't reach, because every once and a while we will do a little scratch behind the ear. big grin
some of us do have issues with alopecia (baldness).
the dogster nunu is very informed about this subject, you can do a member search to find (her?) page.
i have noticed that us smooth black and tans often have almost no fur at all on our undersides. red face
there are many interesting hits for 'dachshund baldness' and 'dachshund narcolepsy' on google; evidently we have some unique gene characteristics.
but the bumps you describe need to be examined by a vet who will do a skin scraping if he doesn't immediately recognize their cause. they could be bacterial, fungal, insect bites or mites, allergies..there are so many different possibilities.
even a compromised immune system can result in skin problems..one of my dogs had horrible dandruff that the dr.s did not cure until it was determined he had a tick borne illness.
as with all skin troubles, early intervention and treatment really helps!
i also just adore a little salmon oil on my kibble and i eat sardines too. i attribute both these additions to my diet of a grain free premium kibble with my really shiny coat! i'm sure your mom's doxie would benefit from that as well.