Pet Insurance for Dachshunds

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Barked: Fri May 15, '09 2:33am PST 

I recently completed an article regarding pet insurance for Dachshunds and the article can be found at the following link

http://www.dachshundgifts.org/2009/pet-insurance-for-dachshu nds/

I'm not pushing pet insurance one way or another and the info in the article is based on my research, studies, beliefs, opinions, etc.

Some people believe that ALL pet insurance companies will not help Dachshunds with back problems since the breed is predisposed to this kind of problem--Not true, etc.

I hope you find the article at the link helpful, interesting, etc.!

Thanks much!


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Barked: Wed May 27, '09 3:38pm PST 
thnx... i'll check that outwink

Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 8:09am PST 
I think the best way to find a good deal is to you a pet insurance comparison site. There you can view all plans for your breed and age.