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The Queen is in- the house
Barked: Fri Apr 20, '07 5:25am PST 
I am a silver double dapple and I am also deaf. My humans didn't know that I was deaf when they brought me home. All they knew is that I was the cutiest little girl they had ever seen. When they found out I was deaf they only thought well bring on the challenge. Well I haven't been to much of a challenge at all. I have learned some signs and honestly Im no different than any other dog, except I can't hear. It breaks my heart the way these breeders breed for the almighty dollar. My breeders had no idea what happens when you breed to dapples. All they knew is that they got some pretty cute puppies. They said that I was the only deaf one they had ever had, right, whatever. Long story short I am LOVED and I am the most SPOILED little girl and I love it!!!!!!
Oscar and- Callie

Barked: Fri Apr 20, '07 8:49pm PST 
dachsie.org, Dachsie's Bulletin Board
Try this site. You can get all kinds of information from all over.

Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 2:23pm PST 
Hi Emily, it's nice to meet you.

Lily Pad

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Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 5:16pm PST 
Well, Miss Emily, you are certainly adorable. And it sounds like you have a wonderful family. Both you and they are extremely lucky! Doxie power!!cheerwave