Falcon's nose is crusty

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Barked: Sat Dec 27, '08 6:50am PST 
A year ago it started to get a little moist and a little fungus-y. I wiped it clean with a soft cloth and each week or two it would come back, it started to get harder and darker in color. Now after a year it is hard and crusty on the top of the nose. He doesnt show pain or irritation, only when I try to examine it and he auticmatically sticks his nose in the ground and sneezes. We need to take him to a vet (after finding one, we just moved here a few months ago). Does anyone experience this too? Also....

We heard from our old vet about explaining this suitation to her about Falcon. Every six months or so Falcon goes into a sort of epileptic seizure. His eyes would glaze over and then he would shake hard but the shakes wouldn't be violent, but extremely stiff and vibrate hard. We heard from the vet it's common in some cocker spaniel, is it common in your dog? Or was the vet not that great at diagnosing the problem? I hate seeing him in pain and he is looking into my eyes during the shaking and I know it hurts him bad. Afterwards for the whole day he is not himself. He is tired and not full of any energy, and he is known to drop the ball in front of us around twenty to thirty times a day to throw it. I am getting scared, after almost three years of living with us, he isnt getting any better. Any advice would help. Thanks all 80)