Good Apartment Dog?

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I'm looking for a medium sized apartment dog. I'm asking you Cocker owners out there if a Cocker would be a good choice? I really don't have much time to exercise the dog (only 20-30 minutes a day) and I'm wondering if that would that be enough for a Cocker? Are there any other considerations I should take before getting this breed? I'm really interested in this breed and I thank you guys in advanced for the help smile . I'm also interested in Cockapoos if anyone here has any info (there are a few at a local shelter near where I live).
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I'm not sure about a Cocker Spaniel, but my Tiffy is a Cockapoo. And I must say that if you don't have much time to excercise her, then you shouldn't get one. Cockapoos are extremley hyper dogs and they are just a ball of energy. They need about a good 45 mins. of excercise like twice to 3 times a day. But other than that, Cockapoos are the perfect indoor dogs. They are so so sweet and always aiming to please. They like to receive alot of attention and affection and have the tendecny to be clingy. Also they can suffer from separation anxiety. Which was ok for me, but I know many people would get frustrated with this. They are good with kids and very forgiving of kids' behaviour. (I have a 9 month old nephew and he adores Tiffy and Tiffy adores him. If my nephew grabs a handful of Tiffy's skin, she won't snap or bite at him, she will sit there until he loosens it or until I loosen it or she will try to wiggle free. It is the cutest thing) I highly recommend a Cockapoo. They are easy to groom and are low-no shedding and they don't get that "dog" smell, even when wet.
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Sorry, I thought I had posted this a week ago...

If you're still looking, cockers make terrific apartment dogs. We have a two-bedroom, no back yard but street access. Hershey is just fine, spends most of the day sleeping on the couch or in various rooms. The thing about cockers is they want to be with you all the time; he'll follow me from room to room. (I'm home all day.) Also, they tend to gain weight, so it's important to get them out for a good walk at least once a day.

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