Help dogsitting cocker spaniel

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 3:14pm PST 
Hi I just started dogsitting a cocker spaniel, 7 months old we've had him for a couple weeks now while his owner is looking for a place that will allow dogs, well he just can't seem to get use to us, he gets happy when he sees us, jumps all over then most of the time he will just start shaking and will start peeing like he is sooooo scared, the first week he was so happy go lucky. I know it's a different environment for him, we treat him like one of our kids and no one is mean to him at all but he just seems so scared, his owner said that was strange and he does not act like that with him so we don't know how to get him to settle in and not be frightened of us. shrug Thanks!!!!