Are these vacuum cleaners a good purchase?(Irobot,Neato,AmTidy)

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i need robotic vacuum cleaner,Irobot,Neato,AmTidy,Have any good Suggestions

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Barked: Sat Mar 1, '14 9:32pm PST 
I have an Irobot (I think its a 500 series). Its awesome for cleaning up pet hair. I just turn it on and it buzzes around picking up all Benny's hair. I recommend it way to go

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i have two robot vacuum cleaner,one is irobot,and the other one is amtidy.

irobot is more expensive than amtidy,irobot cost me $349.99,amtidy A325 only cost me $229.00,they work well now. my house is always clean. I just need to empty the bin daily, takes seconds. Weekly I clean the brushes, less than 10 minutes! Great product, totally lives up to my expectations....

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I'm using Amtidy A325 now. Omg that is a good choice!Four hairy dogs and a clean floor everyday, life is good. This product rocks, it vacuums every single day and picks up dog hair - my house is always clean. Small price values BIG!
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I am house sitting for someone with an iRobot Pet Series and it drives me insane! I would much rather just vacuum myself as it is quicker and less noisy in the long run. I will say it does a good job...it just takes forever to do the living area so I have been setting it to go at night vs bugging my when I am home with it.