HOUSEBREAKING HELP!!! ;(*long post*

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Barked: Wed May 15, '13 7:39am PST 

Let me first start with the things i cannot do,because the way my house is build and varios other reasons including my mom.

1. I can't crate him,confind him to a specific room that is not big.
2. I can't get an x-pen because they are very expensive here,and I would need to get two.
3. I do have a patio and a front garden,but those are not accesible at night because we have to open all the doors and locks,check that the cat doesn't get in and other very troublesome stuff,that while i'm doing,my pups will pee or poop before i can get them out.
4. the only rapidly accesible place is the balcony,at night,while it rains or etc.
5. They use pee pads,but,also the bathroom floor,any other surface and carpets.
5. those are at my mom's bathroom wich has no door,and i'm sure that if we gate it at night or something,the mess will be around her bedroom.
6. Terry gets up before her,like an hour,or half before,pees and poops and is also hyper.
7. my house is a two story building.


Those are the bad points,my female chihuahua uses pads but too,pees and poops everywhere,she is two years old. Terry has for months.

I would like to make a potty area for them in the balcony which is pretty big,and was thinking of taking them once or twice per hout ar the beggining,and doing something like this:


I was thinking of using litter but my pup would probably dig on it or drag sand all over the house.

No,am not lazy about taking them out during the day,but we have tropical climate here and each day is not the same,it can be raining,or all wet and full of mud or puddles*patio is covered in concrete*,aside from that,they stay at my grandmothers house when we travel out the country and she can't walk very well,so at the weekends when she is alone it would be hard to take them outside.

Please help?? I need some advice with this,i don't get angry with them,i know its not they're fault,they where just never showed where is right or wrong.

What things do I need to get for cleaning accidents the right way,and other stuff,please bare in mind that i don't live in the US and special pet products are not that accesible here,most cleaning supplies at the supermarket are.

I would LOOOVE to have a clean house,to not have my mom complain and tell me to put they're faces on the waste they make because that will fix it,to not have to clean poop here and there or pee. i am at my wits end.

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Why can you not crate them??? Unless they are confined in some way, you are definitely fighting a losing battle...there is no reason for them to learn control of their bowels/bladders when they can virtually go anywhere they want to.
If crating is impossible for some reason, leash them to your bed or yourself during the night. My dogs are shut into my bedroom at night BUT before they were trained to wake me up and not to use the entire room, they were leashed to the bedpost each night.
Jewel, PCD

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I can't help with all the rest as I crate train to potty train but I (and a few friends) just use vinegar mixed with a bit of water in a spray bottle to clean up messes.


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I'm confused on the no crating thing? You have a Yorkie and a Chi, I have multiple crates of a much larger size in a tiny house. Anyway, if they cannot be crated I agree with Toto, tie them up. To the bed, the wall, yourself, it really doesn't matter as long as movement is restricted. Heck I have screwed old leashes right to the walls over the years. Baby gates are cheap, for that matter stucco wire and 2x2 with some cheap hinges makes a quick cheap x pen. I built 5 4 by 4 panels for about 30 bucks.
The point here is that unless you find some way to limit their movement and monitor the behavior you will be fighting a loosing battle.
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Kitsune, bless his heart, was a terror to potty train.

I attatched Kitsune's leash to my belt loop when he was a puppy, so he had to stay near me. I think it would be very hard to train if you leave them alone a lot and can't confine them at all. Hopefully, if you really can't crate, you have someone at home at all times who can work with them? Or maybe like Sabi mentioned, get some baby gates or make your own pen.

I'd consider reevaluating the pee pads. I know they work well for some people, but I'll tell you they did not work at all for Kitsune. He's a smart dog, but couldn't seem to get the concept of why it was okay to use the bathroom on pads but not all over the rest of the house. Also keep in mind, that to some dogs a pee pad looks very similar to, say, an area rug, a blanket, etc. I think we had that issue with Kitsune. He would go on the pee pads, but then he also started going on our area rugs and blankets and stuff like that.

If you want to train them to go indoors, I'd personally make or buy them some kind of a litter box type thing that has a surface that is more distinct than just a pee pad. I know some people use sod, or synthetic grass. Maybe pelleted litters (Feline Pine, Yesterday's News, etc if you can find them where you are) because the pellets are heavier than clay litter and might not get spread around the house as easily. I think, for some dogs, the key is to make the potty area totally distinct from all the other surfaces in the house. So the dogs learn that they can go on litter, or grass, but because there is no other grass (or whatever) in the house they just go in the one spot.

White vinegar works well for cleaning pet accidents, plus it's cheap!

Good luck! Potty training Kitsune was so frustrating. It can be a lot of work, but it's well worth it! Kitsune is 4 now and I can't even remember the last time he went in the house.

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Just don't give up.......stay consistent all the time......and repeat and repeat and repeat! We finally have Trickle at about 95%....but she is now 10 months. One day...**light bulb**...and they get it!

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