Dog Run Cover/Roof Ideas

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Mon Apr 22, '13 9:19pm PST 
I'd like some dog run cover/roof ideas please! Not sure if this is posted to the right place, but I mean, it does involve my dogs and home as the run will be in the yard.

Anyway! I've always traditionally used tarps that I've tied down securely. Unfortunately, heavy rain and snow makes issues with that, AND winds here tend to tear the tarps... So it's more of a temporary solution when I would rather something more... I dunno, permanent.

I'm NOT going to be leaving them out there unsupervised for long periods of time EVER. Don't mistake this for me setting up the run so they can stay outside. My dogs are indoor dogs who just happen to love being outside and with a new baby on the way, I can't be outside with them 24/7.

That said... It's more of a weather thing. If they want to go out to do their business without being rained/snowed on, or to provide shade, etc.

A shop here in Canada has these awesome 'deck' board things that you can buy and clip together to place on the ground in the dog run too for a place to lay off the grass/dirt, so I'll be getting those later on too. They're weather resistant and they're resistant to mold/mildew, and odor from urine, etc. To say the least, they LOOK super awesome so I intend to go check them out.

So yeah, I need ideas on SECURE roof/cover possibilities.

I've tried looking online to find a good one that I could buy specifically for a dog run to fit mine... Unfortunately, my dog run is 8' width by 12' length, and I have only found up to a 10x10, and cannot find one suited to the size I need and I'd rather not custom order something as it'd be far too expensive to do it that way..

Alternatively, I HAVE thought about having my fiance get plywood and securing that over the roof, but I'm seriously worried about how it would be secured so that no dogs get injured and I'm not sure if there's any possible way to do that...

All ideas are welcome!
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

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Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 2:37pm PST 
Hey Charlie!

After the whole ASPCA thing with jake. I ended up putting pallets inside of his kennel. Cheapter then those snap together things nd built better. And then i covered those pallets with this rubber stuff from home depot. They look like brick tyle but they wash off real easy with a hose.

As for a roof. If you're looking for a cheap easy fix I just put a large board made of wood that i treated with stain. It's large enough that it provides cover for when it rains for jake when he has to pee. And it provides shade and it comes off and on really easy.

I have a custom built kennel so noone of those "roofs" they sell at petsmart fit it. Though my quick plank room works well.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 11:17pm PST 
That's actually a really good idea with the pallets! Thanks Jake!

We were considering doing a plank of wood on the roof, or even two by fours all the way across and then a tarp secured super tight. We'd likely drill holes into the wood and run wire through to secure them to the top of the run so they didn't fall.

I won`t even be bothering with a dog house though. They're not out there long enough to use one and Charlie never would, lol!