window screen into doggy door?

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Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 3:11pm PST 
we have a window that is perfect height for a dog door. problem is we cant alter the house itself, so i was thinking what if i can turn the screen to the window into a dog door? how would i do it and still keep the bugs out but have the flap swing back and forth? ideas? the screen is about the size of a giant dog door for breeds like great danes, great pyrenees, or st. bernards. measurements are approx 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall.
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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 6:05am PST 
They sell something called a "magic mesh" you might look into. https://www.buymagicmesh.com/

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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 8:32am PST 
You can buy doggie doors made specifically for screen doors. I had one in Calgary..worked great. It was a bit finicky to install, but was a godsend once we got it right. If/when you move you just need to replace the window screen to its original manner.


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We removed the window and screen and got a board cut to fit the window. Then we cut out out the size we needed to put in a doggie door we got from the stoor so it has a flap and a plastic piece that you can drop in to lock the doggie door. We can still pit the window and screen back in later if we want to.

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buy the new one can open 2 side

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