How to wash away dog's pee smell??

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to Taggert
"Unique" is good ? what you wrote is really some kinda of difficulty for me. lol

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Unique is a brand name that my vet sells, and the guy who services my vaccums sells, which is how I learned about it.
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I've had good luck with the enzyme cleaners- Oxyclean woolite works well for me, as does Resolve's enzyme one. Biokleen Bac-out is super nice, really great limey smell.

What I also do is always sprinkle the scented baking soda on my carpet before vacuuming. I don't know if that helps long term, but it always makes the rooms smell so FRESH after I vacuum, I do it anyway. smile


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Barked: Sat Sep 8, '12 8:54pm PST 
I use Bissell pet stain and odor remover and steam clean the rugs. I haven't had any problems since my last one was finally housebroken over two and a half years ago. My sister and daughter have both had problems,have used my machine and the Bissell pet formula and it worked for them as well. Depending on how deep the stain is,it may take several cleanings and it is always best to use paper towels or something similar to absorb as much as possible then use something with odor removing enzymes like Zero odor on the spot immediately. We also had a hand held Bissell thing that was like a dust buster so we could immediately spot clean with the Bissell pet formula.wishes

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depends where you live, determines what is available to you. your dog's picture is from a networking site in China, you probably don't have the same products available.

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The best cure for pet urine stains is prevention. Consider installing a doggie door or taking your dog for more frequent walks if indoor urination becomes a problem. If you have a cat that urinates on the carpet, clean its litter box more frequently. Your cat’s definition of a full litter box and yours may vary! You can also provide your cat with more than one litter box to encourage it to use the litter box rather than your carpet. Should occasional accidents still occur, however, prompt cleanup ensures that your carpet will remain pristine and pet urine odors don’t become a problem.

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I've had GREAT luck with Monofoil. Lucy & Oliver were playing on my soft crate and someone peed. Mom tried to wash and air dry it outside with typical household cleaners but it still smelled like pee. Mom sprayed on the Monofoil, let it dry and the smell disappeared. Mom uses this stuff on everything from cleaning dog beds to wiping off the kitchen counters.

You can get it here: http://www.petsbedz.com/monofoil-antimicrobial-spray/

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I AM HELPLESS!!! I have a 1 year old beagle/lab mix named Oliver who we adopted when he was 6 weeks old. I love him to death, and I joke that he is my "son", but he is destroying my apartment!! When we lived in a condo he was good because he was outside most of the time, (we had a small backyard and it was easy since we were away at work all day). However, we are 4 months into our lease in our 1 bedroom apartment and it seems like the only topics discussed in my life are Olivers daily outbursts!
He poops in the apartment almost every day. The first thing I do when I let him out of his kennel is take him outside. Sometimes he even poops RIGHT AT MY FEET! He doesnt tell me he has to go, he just GOES!!
My apartment now has a perminant odor due to him that I cant seem to get rid of!!! I've tried cleaning the carpet, nothing works. I am feeling helpless, and guilty because I work and am attending college, so I am gone a lot of the time and on my days off I do nothing but stay home because I feel its the only time he has to play all day. aside from that i am constantly tense and on edge while taking him on walks because everytime he sees another dog he barks and whines and puuls like crazy and its embarrassing! ther than these 2 things, oliver would be close to perfect.

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Use enzyme-based products to wash away the smell. And if you want to discourage your dog from peeing on the furniture or thing again, you want to avoid using ammonia for cleaning. To a dog, ammonia smells like urine and he may want to mark on that same spot.

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Nature's Miracle seems to work, it's available at Petsmart.
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