Help me defy the dust!!!

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Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 10:14am PST 
So we have some major dust problems right now:

1. We're in a drought
2. Grass hardly grows when we are NOT in a drout.
3. Our soil is akin to sand.

This means that every time I let the pooches outside, they take a "dust bath".

I've considered mulching half our back yard, where they have killed all the grass. We've talked about seeding, but no rain... And we don't want to dry up the well.

Rock is out. In the fall our yard becomes THE PLACE for dead leaves, all the trees surrounding out yard end up shedding their leaves in our yard. frown so that's out.

How can I reduce the amount of dust the pupsters bring in with them?

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Barked: Thu Jul 7, '11 5:42am PST 
im going through the same thing, the house has to be dusted twice a day.

it's worse in the front. i've been watering the dirt patches just to keep it from blowing in. gophers have destroyed the yard in places and we are left with dirt and no grass in some areas. i'm hoping the water will help the grass regrow but it is making a difference in the amount of dust in the house.

a lot does come in on the dogs and i'm cleaning the floor more often too. i'm not a neat freak but i don't like visible dust and i take pride in clean floors. although at the moment the house is....not so perfect. lol. give me a few hours and all will be good. at least for a little while

Barked: Mon Jul 25, '11 8:18pm PST 
Oh my... As out Texas drought gets worse, so does the dust. It's driving me bonkers. The dogs had a bath yesterday and today they feel so very dirty... I wipe them down with rags, but we go out and there is Gunner and Peggy, rolling in the dust. And Paisley hops out of the dog pool to join in the fun. Great, now it's mud. PIXIE! How did you fit through that hole?! Are you kidding? Get out from under the house!!!

Sigh. HOW do I get rid of half a yard of dust in the middle of a drought? And will I EVER have grass again?

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Barked: Tue Jul 26, '11 7:10pm PST 
Two ideas for you. We gave up on our grass. Between the shade, the moles, and the boys, it had no chance and we lost the battle in spring. Part of the yard has rubber playground mulch and the other part has wood chips. Both have worked really well. At first we tried pinestraw, but it just got pushed all around. I actually prefer the rubber mulch, but it's pricier and one of the dogs might find it tempting to nibble. It is non-toxic and supposed to pass, but of course if they chow down it could be dangerous. Glacier tried to chow down the first time we put it down...but then lost interest. The wood chips are cheap and stay in place.