Dogs and a nice yard

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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 1:12pm PST 
Is there any possible way to have a nice looking yard AND dogs? laugh out loud This is our second winter with dogs, and this winter has been particularly harsh on the yard. Not only is it a mud patch around the patio, but there are now 3 distinct trails running through it thanks to high snow and short dogs. 2 trails make a lovely X across the middle of the yard. We couldn't get the grass to grow back around the patio last year and it was seeded at least 3 times. I feel bad because my dogs ruined my dads once pristine yard. Any suggestions on to get the yard back to normal or should I just accept that I can't have nice things? laugh out loud

st. francis of- asses
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 1:20pm PST 
If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I have the same problem. We live in new orleans so basically live in a swamp. We either have standing water during the winter or a spongy ground. The dogs totally tear it up with all their running/chasing/wrestling. They run thru the bushes and knock flowers/branches off and take bites out of my potted plants. Its a mess. Now my front yard looks great laugh out loud
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 1:31pm PST 
Not really an idea, but we have accidently got a situation which helps keep at least part of the yard nice. We have a fence around part of the back yard, and a raised deck. They can dig and wear the grass down whoever they want inside the fence, but outside the fence the lawn is undisturbed. The raised deck keeps it from being a mud pit. And I have put a lot of pine mulch down inside the fence and freshen it up when it gets too messy.

It isn't pristine, because I don't really get into lawn grooming, but we have a couple of nice gardens and rosebushes. Outside the fence...and the front yard is free...we only go out there when headed to the car or out for a walk.


OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 1:43pm PST 
For muddy areas of the yard you can put down grass seed and then cover with hay until the grass begins to grow. Right before winter hit we got a new septic system AND a new well drilled/installed in our yard. 3/4 of our 1 acre yard has been covered in hay since the work was done. It sure looks ugly but it will allow the grass to grow and it definitely helps against the dogs getting muddy and tracking mud into my house!! eek

lol the first time I ever had my Mom dogsit Chloe & Lia at her house for a couple days she called me and said they trampled ALL of her hostas plants. I thought she was just being dramatic until I went to pick them up and they had literally flattened every single one of her hostas, she has huge ones in like 5 different places in her yard and it looked like a tornado had torn through them all! red face Since then my mom has gotten two lab mix puppies and she no longer has plants or flower beds lol.

Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 1:50pm PST 
Here in the northwest's high mountain desert...we put in a xeric-scaped yard that has worked great! Thanks to High Country Gardens.com We have nothing but Hardy, drought resistant, native plants, shubs, trees, and flowers landscaped beautifully throughout river rock. We do have a 30x30 patch of Legacy Buffalo Grass that is essentially pollen free, robust, spreads quickly with vigorous and inviting deep green lawn that withstands heavy foot traffic, pest and disease.

Looks great and we only have to water once every three weeks vs. three times a week for the Kentucky Blue Grass we used to have...to maintain a sad, barely green, easily tromped to dirt, yard.

I think High Country Gardens has a grass for humid areas of the US as well. One is called Prestige Buffalo Grass. They have a free catalog you can order from their website. Good luck!

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Treats?? Oh- yeahhh!!
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 2:29pm PST 
Wow, glad to hear we aren't the only ones with a trashed yard. Riley LOVES the mud patch he found. He eats it and when we tell him to "leave it" he looks up with a guilty look and a muddy snout. Most of the yard is still under a foot of snow...not looking forward to what's underneath.

Party Girl
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 3:08pm PST 
Dogs AND a nice yard?? laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

I ended up lining the dogs' "trails" with landscape timbers and putting down gravel screenings. Before we did that, Alice's nickname was "The Mudslinger" confused

Howling good- times to be had- with me.
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 3:34pm PST 
In my experience, the nice yard is the one the dogs are not allowed in except on rare occasions. I have a kennel and play run that is NOT part of the yard so, yes I have a nice yard and dogs, just not on the same patch of land.
Holly - CGC TDI

Squirrel?- Squrirrel!- SQUIRRELLLLL!!!!
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 3:46pm PST 
But Nicky, don't you like the landscaping your pups have done for you? All the mud and scratch marks... laugh out loud I think someone out there must have figured out the answer to this, but it sure isn't me!
Crash- Dynamite

Live up to your- Name!
Barked: Tue Mar 1, '11 4:19pm PST 
We have sectioned off part of the yard to be exclusively Crash's. It leads from the deck, down the stairs and into the "Dog Run" about a 10ftx 50ft fenced in area. There is a gate the allows the humans into the rest of the yard. Most of his area is grassy but there is a big Spruce tree that we recently had removed (except the stump is still there so DH can carve us a totem) so that area is (was) muddy in the spring and fall. I expect it to green up now that the top of the tree is gone.

It seems to work great. Not only does it eliminate most of the holes from the dog digging, and the paths from the dog running but there are also no land mines to step in!dancing
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