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This forum is for discussing all topics related to the challenges (and joys!) of keeping your house clean while living with dogs. Here you can share tips, recommendations for products and techniques, and more!

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Barked: Mon Jan 19, '15 11:07am PST 
2 things work really well for us: 1) There's a carpet fresh deodorizer made with baking soda that you can buy at walmart specifically for pet odors. It's in the cleaning section. You sprinkle it on before you vacuum - it's so nice! 2) Glade spray for pet odors. In a blue bottle. I spray it on furniture, curtains, rugs, in the air... lifesaver

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Barked: Tue Feb 17, '15 8:55pm PST 
Hum with two dogs and five cats I feel your pain...cats mark territory and male dog has intestinal fortitude big time. For the pups Buddy Wash is a nice shampoo. Clean Day products have more natural scents and smell AWESOME...Lemon Verbena especially. We have a wax warmer, electrical and far safer than candles. Potpourri in strategic spots, oh and something called Zum Mist...makes your home smell like a head shop but much nicer than wet dog.

Barked: Sat Feb 21, '15 6:42am PST 
We have a wax warmer and buy the scented wax cubes from Walmart- much cheaper than the other brands and they scent the air very nicely. Also, bowls of white vinegar set out (where pest can't reach to dump them) will help to do away with any unpleasant smells and does not leave a vinegar smell behind.

I clean frequently but there is always more mess LOL! Thanks goodness we have short-haired dogs and wood flooring but still footprints all over and bits of dog toys/ ropes/ chews everywhere!! laugh out loud


Barked: Sun Mar 8, '15 7:42pm PST 
There's a lady at my church whose daughter and her Pomeranian are currently living with her. She said that the dog's natural odour actually makes her physically sick. I think they do use buddy wash, but dogs are always gonna have a natural odour. The lady said that it's nearly impossible for her to love on her daughter's Pomeranian because it makes her sick, and she feels bad about it because she knows it's not the dog's fault. When her daughter went out of town for work a few weeks ago, the dog didn't have anybody to love on, so the mom went and loved on her, even though it made her feel miserable afterwords. Has anybody ever heard about this happening before?
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