Steam Cleaning

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Old Man Mateo
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 2:37pm PST 
Since Mateo has been marking in the house, the other dogs have started doing it too, including my girls. Do you think steam cleaning the carpets would help? I've tried cleaning the urine up by hand, but the dogs are still peeing over it. I think they can still smell the other dogs there. Would steam cleaning get rid of the smell?

Cookie Monster
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 4:09pm PST 
Depends on the chemicals the company uses. I work for a smallish, family owned floor cleaning company. So my boss will buy chemicals to test out, and having a dog, he was testing out chemicals on pet urine, and found one that he was very happy with. I'll have to look at the name of it. But, yes, steam cleaning will help. Be sure that they use truck mount, as those machines are what have the powerful suction. Portables come close, but not close enough for me to ever want my house done with a portable.

You can rent machines from stores, but those don't suck all the soap/water out of your carpet, and the soap left behind will just act like a magnet and get your carpet extra dirty in no time fast, plus won't get all the urine out.

Let's go for a- swim
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 6:49pm PST 
I won't touch the rental/professional question. I will say to make sure your carpet gets the enzymatic product. It is available with the rental units.