Good solutions to pick up pet fur?

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*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 5:42pm PST 
Does the Scotch Fur fighter thing work well? Pepsie sheds around the house and we have the Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair but I was wondering if this was better or if you have any other solutions for picking up pet fur around the house?
Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 10:56pm PST 
swiffer sweeper vac for floors is great

swiffer dusters for hair along edge of floors, trim work, etc

and an attachment turbo tool for vacuum cleaner for stairs, and furniture.

Shed Monster
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 5:26pm PST 

Seriously. Especially with hardwood floors. It'll suck the teeth out of your head, you don't need bags if you don't want them, you can hose out the canister, and the attachments will go anywhere, including into vents.